Unload Behavior When Calling Password Extensions

    General discussion

  • Ran into an interesting difference when calling a Password Extension:

    • When called from Password Synchronization (via PCNS) the Password Extension stays loaded until it times out.
    • When called from WMI (via CSEntry.Set_Password) the Password Extension unloads immediately after each call.

    This could impact performance if you are opening and closing connections in your Password Extension.  If called via PCNS then you should see good performance since the connections you create will stay open.  If called via PCNS you could see less-than-good performance since each call to Set_Password will result in calls to BeginConnectionToServer and EndConnectionToServer.

    CraigMartin – Oxford Computer Group – http://identitytrench.com
    Thursday, June 4, 2009 8:38 PM