Roaming Profiles, Applied Via Computer Policies


  • Good Day, 

    Before I get started let me just put down the GPO location

    Location: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles

    Setting: "Set roaming profile path for all users logging into this computer"

    Ok so what I am trying to achieve is to implement roaming profiles only to certain computers. I know I can apply this via the Users account and then block certain computers from using local only profiles, but this becomes quite complex with multiple sites etc.

    This is where this settings comes in, the only problem is, I cant seem to get Folder Exclusion working. So at the moment I cannot exclude the likes of Music or Pictures. If I had gone with the User profile, I could use the following GPO to exclude, but it seems that this does not work with the Computer GPO

    User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles

    "Exclude directories from roaming profile"

    I understand that User Policies need to be applied to Users and Computers to Computers, so I understand why this might work as the computer GPO would take preference. Is there maybe some other way to exclude directories with the Computer Configuration way?

    Thanks in advance

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2015 12:27 PM