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  • I have the synchronization schedule set to run everyday, but when my ADR ran at 11:30 PM on Patch Tuesday there were no Patch Tuesday released software updates in the Software Update Group. So then I deleted the Software Update Group that my ADR created and then I manually ran the synchronization. After that, I manually ran the ADR and then all of the Patch Tuesday released software updates were there. 

    I checked the wsyncmgr.log on my Standalone Primary Site Server where the SUP role is also installed and it shows that every sync has started at midnight. So now it seems that the initial synchronization did occur prior to the Patch Tuesday released updates. 

    Am I right on this? If so, should I create a custom Synchronization Schedule to occur daily around 10 PM or so?


    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 9:20 AM


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  • It depends ... you just have to make sure that sync ran before the ADR runs. You can also configure the ADR to run automatically after a sync.

    Torsten Meringer | http://www.mssccmfaq.de

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 9:32 AM
  • Yes I know.

    The sync does run before the ADR runs, but the problem is the sync runs before the Patch Tuesday updates are released from Microsoft. So if Microsoft releases their Patch Tuesday updates at 2 PM, then the sync that runs at midnight, obviously, would not grab the metadata from these updates. Therefore, my ADR will not be able to use these updates. 

    I guess what I will do is just keep the Simple Schedule for the sync as it is and I will just change the ADR to run early on Wednesday mornings, like around 2 AM or so. 

    How does that sound?

    How do you SCCM MVPs usually do this?


    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 5:16 PM
  • I just changed my ADR to run at 2AM on the 2nd Wedensday after the midnight synchronization so it will pick up the released Patch Tuesday updates. 


    Wednesday, January 14, 2015 6:47 PM