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  • Hi,


    We are planning to upgrade to ProClarity Ver6.3 from ver6.0.

    1)       Can the clients be upgraded first and then the Server?

    Can the 6.3 clients interact with PAS 6.0?

     2)       If the Server is upgraded first, can the 6.0 clients interact with PAS 6.3?

    3)       Is there any recommended rollout procedure/approach?

    4)       During the upgrade time, will the Business users be able to publish or access the reports?


    Thanks a lot in advance.



    Ravi Kiran.

    Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:46 AM


  • Hello Ravi Kiran,


    The ProClarity Analytics Server platform was designed and tested with an upgrade of 2 versions at a time.  What you’ll want to do for this is backup your 6.0 database and upgrade your PAS server to 6.2, verify the reports work, then upgrade from 6.2 to 6.3.  It’s a good idea to have all clients on the same version as PAS however earlier versions of professional can usually access later versions of PAS.  The reverse is not so, however, so you cannot upgrade your clients first as they will not be able to access the previous version PAS server.  Also with 6.3 the Business Reporter for Excel has been discontinued so if your end users use this software please be aware of this.  ProClarity 6.0 can connect to a 6.3 server and should be able to access reports created with 6.0 but you’ll most likely see a ‘catastrophic error’ message when retrieving reports created with 6.3.


    I’d suggest upgrading your PAS server to 6.2 using the 6.0 database, verifying everything works as expected, uninstall 6.2, delete the PAS folder at inetpub\wwwroot, reboot and proceed with the 6.3 install using the upgraded database and make sure the PAS access account uses a strong password.  As soon as the PAS server is updated and verified working in the standard client and with 6.0 professional then proceed with upgrading the client software.  If possible consider testing the upgrade and reports in a dev environment first.


    Hope this helps.


    Best Regards

    Thursday, June 19, 2008 4:38 PM