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  • Hi everyone,

    I need some help with ideas how can I solve the following search case:

    I have the follwing problem:

    For a news portal we have news-articles with differen durability markups. Durability 1 means that this artical is intresting in the next 7 days, durability 2 means this document is interesting for the next 40 days, durability 3 means this document is always interesting. The durability is set menually by our editors.

    The use case would be as follows: for the query "weather"

    1. An article about the very cold summer in germany this year is of interest 40 days after publication and has the highest position in the result set for the next 40 days after publication and than it is not as relevant as the articles with durability 3.

    2. An article about one very cold day in London is of interest about 7 days after publication and has a high position in the result set only for the first 7 days, after that is not as relevant as the documents of durability 3 and 2

    3.  An article about the forecast is of interest every day after publication and has always a high position in the result set but if there is a fresh article which has durability 1 or 2 they are higher ranked. (cases 1 or 2 or 1 and 2)

    So I have two parameters on which this is depending the publication date and the durability markup. At the same time a freshness boost on articles on docdatetime is active, so that newly published documents are always prefered

    At the moment I can think only about one solution for this problem: Defining two diferent boosts for the documents of durability 1 and 2 (in_durability and out_of durability). After the durability period refeeding the documents of durability 1 and two after 7 respectively 40 days and giving them a different boost  in the pipeline but the problem is that an automated refeeding on date triggers is not possible

    So the question is, can someone think of other ways of implementing this dynamically in FAST without the need of refeeding.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Create one xrank expression per durability to boost content. E.g. calculate what the date was seven days ago and boost content in durability 1 that is also fresh enough:

    and(durability:1, publishingdate:<2011-10-25)

    Dan Gøran Lunde
    Friday, December 2, 2011 12:20 PM