trying to move mail from one MDB to another RRS feed

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    Simple task, and I have moved many mailboxs and they have all moved.  The issue with this one is it is the Email Journal mailbox.  So my one journaling rule points to this mailbox.

    originally I had 1 exchange box and i had journing turned on at the DB level.  But I didn't want to expand the HD space on this box, so I build another Exchange box, moved as i usually do the mailbox over to the new exchange server and then new MDB.  Then I create an organisation Journaling Rule and used this mailbox as the destination.

    Then I removed the MDB journaling rule.

    No my problem is that the "email journal" mail box exists on both exchange boxes. taking up 50G on both machines ....

    so I am perplexed... I have done full backups of both machines so there is no reason that exchange shouldn't remove the old mailbox on the old server.


    EDIT -> I have just noticed the 2 mailboxs aren't in sync ! the old mailbox doesn't seem to be getting any new mail ....

    so maybe I have an orphaned mail box

    So I have just checked the disconnect mailbox folder and yep its there now how to delete it .... and how do i make sure Iam deleting the right one


    Fixed, used

    To help me removed the old disconnected mailbox

    For any one else who has the problem !

    Thursday, March 28, 2013 4:59 AM

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  • What database does it show when you run Get-Mailbox <MbxName> | Ft Name, Alias, Database?  It should only show a single mailbox and database.  Either that, or you have two separate mailboxes for some reason ...
    Wednesday, April 3, 2013 12:53 PM