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  • Can someone point me to where I can get more information on the My Timesheet item that displays in the Details section of the Resource Availability page?  I cannot figure out where this information is coming from or what determines how many My Timesheet lines you see.

    In one Project Server environment, I noticed that each user had 3-4 My Timesheet line items in the Resource Availability page.  The period I was looking at spanned 8 weeks and all of those weeks were in the future.  I checked the Manage Timesheets page for one of the users that had 4 My Timesheet items in the Resource Availability page.  The user did not have any timesheets created for the 8-week period I was reporting on in the Resource Availability page.  To make matters more confusing, some resources only had 3 My Timesheet line items in the Resource Availability page for the same period.  So it seems like something other than active timesheets for the period is dictating how many My Timesheet lines display.  Also curious was the fact that ALL of the My Timesheet items for all users in the Resource Availability page (7 or 8 people) showed "0h" for all of the periods displayed.

    I decided to look into this further in a separate Project Server environment, because I didn't have access to the first one at the time.  Both environments were configured to not use single entry mode and used resource plans to calculate allocation.  In this second environment, I entered hours against an administrative task classified as non-working time for one week and submitted / approved this sheet.  I entered hours against a project task for a second week and submitted / approved this sheet.  I then used the Resource Availability page and "reported" on a period including those periods (20-week period total).  I didn't see a single My Timesheet item.  Not even any showing the "0h" designation I had seen in the first environment.

    So long story short, I cannot figure out the criteria that dictates when a My Timesheet item displays.  And I also can't figure out the purpose.  If the Resource Availability page is designed to show planned work (either through the planned allocations stored in resource plans or planned assignments through project schedules), what is the point of the My Timesheet values?  Wouldn't planned work be captured in the project line items?  If it's for administrative, non-working time only, why would the My Timesheet items not show up in the second environment scenario?  Any help / insight would be appreciated.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 11:05 PM

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  • Hi,

    After investing a lot of time i found one link which is talking about My Timesheet in resource availability page.

    I believe link providing proper explanation though i would like to test it on my system.


    Friday, May 3, 2013 6:46 PM
  • Thanks, Kirtesh.  I did some testing on my own and replied to the thread you referenced above.  As a quick summary, I found that the My Timesheet item displays when the user has entered time against an administrative task that is classified as "working."  Sheet status (e.g., in progress, submitted) and period status (e.g., closed) doesn't matter.
    Friday, January 10, 2014 12:10 AM