Internet Explorer 11 64 bit; if Tools Options Custom Level settings & Advanced tab Security Features were selected; Internet Explorer 11 64 bit even refuses to load websites with host of other funny messages; WHY? RRS feed

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    I am using Internet Explorer 11 from Program Files folder which supposedly launches 64 bit applications. This Internet Explorer 11 settings from Tools Options of Custom Level and Advanced tabs Security features were if selected; Internet Explorer 11 64 bit simply refuses to load websites with host of other truly funny messages like US DOD official website found 'Not Secure' or Microsoft's own 'This website is not secure' etc., with other websites like default Internet Explorer 11 webpage doesn't loads fast enough even though all options favours fast loading with Advanced security features; WHY? this ultimately stops after all settings are set to default without single modification in Custom Settings or Advance Security features.

    This coupled with Microsoft Edge's unpredictable website loading with frequent Network's internet connection disconnecting to the brink of unusability; nothing; even Microsoft Edge Reset won't resolve these scenarios.

    And now Microsoft Edge DEV; with all above said problems and beta version errings uses 1.5 GB of 4G ISP full speed memory to send computer information to Microsoft within half day of 12 hrs. day, rest of day goes with crawling speed of ISP setted 64 Kbps in short without internet connection; this happening on all days Microsoft Edge DEV use; now a days I use only Internet Explorer 11 64 bit strictly with Default Level & Advance Security features Resetted instead of selecting appropriate or secured options; which fails their purpose to start with; but websites does all things correct without selecting correct options (e. g. if its selected Not to load websites without address or Do not run scriptlets; websites were loaded showing message or dialog boxes contrary to settings or if Advance security features were selected IE 11 blocked or flagged US DOD official or Microsoft's own website as unsecure.)

    Please check.

    Thursday, May 23, 2019 1:37 PM

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    Friday, May 24, 2019 2:26 AM
  • you can not safely turn all the options for ESET on in programing settings as a few of them will block IMAGES the Header and all kinds of things that it needs to pull down the web sites the default setting is good enough where only one of them is turned on in each category also I would turn on protected folders exploit option too

    ESET  which was a 3rd party Microsoft Program that locks down exploit holes to the point that explorer will not even open a web page you can experiment with ESET to see which ones will work enabled and which ones wont 

    DYNAMIC IMAGES one will keep images form loading as explorer the new version uses DYNAMIC Content to load the browser with web stuff 

    Microsoft changed the name of the program from ESET to security features also make sure to enable  the device memory button also so in real time it will always check the code of the computer to MEMORY that can't be wrote to after the OS is INSTALLED

    Saturday, June 15, 2019 11:34 PM