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  • In MOSS 2007, I have a list which I want to sort by a column named "Task."  The task column is a lookup field from another list.  The problem:  The list items appear out of order even though I have them sorted by the Task column.  Example:

    Task 1:  Conduct A

    Tld not postask 10:  Conduct B and C

    Task 11:  Conduct G and H

    Task 2:  Conduct P and PQ

    Task 3:  Conduct S

    I want the tasks to be listed in task order:  Task 1, Task 2, Task 3....Task 10, Task 11.  I'd appreciate any help.  Thanks!


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  • You are not going to achieve this with the column you are using at the moment because Task 1 0 will always come before Task 3 in a (upwards) sort order.

    So instead you need to use another column and sort on that.

    Manual: Create a column and give it a Sorting number

    Automatic: Create a calculated colum based on the value of the Task column.  (One possibility if you have no more than 26 tasks is to convert Task 1 to Task A; Task 10 to Task J and Task 20 to Task  T etc.)


    (Moving to Admin as this is probably better done with calculated columns than with XSLT)



    SP 2010 "FAQ" (mainly useful links): http://wssv4faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    WSS3/MOSS FAQ (FAQ and Links) http://wssv3faq.mindsharp.com/default.aspx
    Both also have links to extensive book lists and to (free) on-line chapters
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