Applications transference to target domain (AD)


  • Please I need your help.

    I am a business web developer, but my bosses have involved me in a project that is in a different scope from my experience, and I think I have to get by for not to lose my job.

    What I Know about this project is that my client company has to simplify its Active Directory, because it has a lot of domains and groups, and user access tokens are very long, hindering applications access, specially in new ones based in ADFS.

    Tasks of the Project are divided in two great groups:

    - Design target domain and object migration processes from actual domains

    - Applications transference to target domain.

    I am involved in this second group of tasks. In particular this would be my tasks:

    - Create a global strategy of applications/services migration, considering access coexistence

    - Define applications target architecture, considering connections to third party

    - Analysis and definition of changes in Framework FrontEnd / BackEnd (I think web applications based in Kerberos), and in TMG setting up

    - Define needed changes and detailed migration process on 1 application that uses this framework (maybe this can be the only one thing related to my work experience)

    - Create migration recommendations and back-out plan for these technologies: IIS, HIS, BizTalk, Apps SQL(T-SQL, Jobs, DTS, SSRS, ETL/SSIS), CRM (I imagine Dynamics), SharePoint,  File Server

    The most prioritary task is the one shown in bold. The problem is I don´t know anything about applications transference to a migrated target domain in Active Directory.

    Please, if you can give me some technical advise about these, specially in the task shown in bold, just a start guide for me to do the job, technical steps, appropiate links with appropiate information....

    Sorry if this is not the best forum category, I didn´t know what to choose.

    Thank you for your attention



    Friday, May 4, 2018 8:06 AM