Deploymentshare : local or DFS? What is best for performance and failures? And what about multicast in relation to DFS? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    we use MDT 2013 on MS Server 2012 Standard. We deploy LTI's. We have only one (virtual) MDT-server and that has only one deploymentshare. I'm having now a discussion with my colleague about where to put the deploymentshare. He says that we should put it on our fileservers (which use DFS) because it's more safe and more dynamic (no idea what he means with that).  But to me it appears quite strange to separate an application and its main folder structure. I have this idea that those two need to be as close as possible, like to avoid network problems for instance. It's also a fact that our MDT-server is backed up every night, so if something bad happens we just ask our colleagues to restore the latest snapshot. Can someone explain which option is the better and why : local or DFS?

    Second thing which is related to my first question: I've read on this forum about multicast not being possible when the deploymentshare is not local on the server? Am I correct? Anymore info about this issue would be nice too. Awaiting your answers I'll keep looking for more clues everywhere.



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  • Look what we have here:

    Multicast with DFS Replicated Deployment Share

    DFS in combination with MDT is perfectly possible, and Multicast should work as mentioned in the topic, by Johan Arwidmark.

    Cheers! Rens

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  • Thanks Rens,

    I really do need to hone my search-the-technet-fora skills  :-/


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  • No worries, it's not technet where I found it. Just typing in MDT DFS and Multicast did the trick for me. First hit on google was this thread.

    Cheers! Rens

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  • IN addition to what is mentioned here.

    MDT works great with DFS. However note that MDT is *NOT* supported with Domain DFS, only stand-alone DFS, because Domain DFS implies that the client is joined to a domain when you make the call, and MDT needs to run within WinPE, where there is no domain infrastructure.

    Multicast should be on the same machine as your DeploymentShare, wherever that may be. If you have DFS, your deployment share would be the root.

    Another idea is to use DFS to replicate out to your DFS leaf nodes, and each Leaf node would be it's own WDS Server with Multicasting being done from there.

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