Same User logs to 2 different PC and it should get 2 different GPO setting for locking the computer.


  • Hello hope everyone is doing ok. I have a question.  Let us suppose we have user A and he is logged in in PC1 and PC2. How should a make a GPO that on PC1 user gets locked after x time but on PC2 same user gets locked after x+y time.

    For a user to get locked in x time you create a GPO User configuration-> ADMX ->Control Panel-> Personalization and you set :

    Password protect the screen saver to enable

    And Screen saver time out to x time.

    How should I set in case that user is logged to PC2 then on the PC2 that user is getting locked after X+Y time not X?


    Thursday, July 9, 2015 9:15 PM


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