controling the interface of windows 7 system so to be more accesible and personalized. RRS feed

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  •  forgive my english [i am greek], also forgive my kind of thinking which maybe is different than micosoft's strategy or needs or code's behaviour.

    i would preffer a different 'construction' of a produce of Windows, if microsoft make an application that controls for example all parameters of interface[with images that shows to you what you are changing so anyone can use], forexample fontsize , size of icons, gridlayout , size of icons in navigation pane, etc etc so a very quiq and safe realtime changing could be possible, and also many other 'addings' like those many users asked like clasic start menu, reappearing quiqlaunch toolbar , appearing/dissappearing of the folderband, addressband , searchbar, the backgroun color of a window etc etc etc to be with the pressed of a specific button choice.( 'default' settings must included).[the construction must setted to categories, with imaGE desriptions, and realtime previews before and after]

     Also every time needed from the users something new, as we see that users asked in the forums, then microsoft engineers[if they can reproduce then they could] add this to as an update to this 'toy' application, so without changing any dll , we could controll the system depending in our needs.[so with the new addings, the application would be bigger but not much heavier to the system, only the  image previews of the part of the system needed, and ofcourse  the new code parameters]

    i believe this could give a very good accesibility and very quiq control to windows system

    Please, if someone of the microsofts interface engineering team could find time to help or have a look to some specific code's questions i have i would appreciate, so please give me alink to communicate or give me a suggestion how to communicate  please.


    Friday, December 11, 2009 10:26 PM