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    Hi All,


    Could anyone please help me on below questions? Thanks in advance.


    Q1: How to maintain the data connection details for data sources in SPD while moving across the environments?

    Q2: How to store the mail templates for various type of mails in sharepoint, how to pass the parameters to populate the place holders in mail?

    Q3: In test environment, we have configured item level permissions settings [custom permissions] on a list using GUI, How we can move this custom permission levels to productions? How do we can achieve custom permission level in onet.xml or in feature?

    Q4: Hide and unhide a column based on groups in edit, new, update pages?

    Q5: How to hide and unhide a column based on a group in a list view?

    Q6: Some of the architect suggested that we shouldn’t create the columns in list template. All the columns should be in content type on which the list is based upon?

    Q7: Create a view of list in which programmer role can see only 2 columns while project manger role can see all 4 columns.

    Q8: what should be the best approach if list is having 100000 records already and we want to add new columns?

    Q9: How to add a new custom view in an existing custom list on production? This list was created by feature.

    Q10: Does Ghost and UnGhost also work with content types and list template or it is just limited with the pages only?

    Q11: how do we do the unit testing of sharepoint webpart?

    Q12: What should be the approach to enhance existing info path forms on production?

    Q13: What should be the backup approach for sharepoint site?

    Q14: How to modify the existing SharePoint artifacts like Webpart, list, pages, content types etc?

    Q15: What is the backup approach while apply the patches on production environment?

    Q16: What is the disadvantage of code that is generated by SharePoint code generator?

    Q17: Difference between SPWeb.RootWeb and SPWeb.ParentWeb?

    Q18: what is the custom action in BDC?

    Q19: what is the difference between Document Library Vs Document Center?



    Amit Kumar

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