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  • Hello, I am using FIM 2010 with 2 MAs for GAL sync across forests. The problem I have in one of the forests is that most of the accounts have a duplicate value of UDTRF: in proxyAddresses. I am not familiar with that particular domain but the admins there tell me it is to support a specific 3rd party application. What is happening here is that several hundred of these accounts have the exact same entry UDTRF: (among other good values) in the proxyAddresses. I need some assistance on how to filter out this value from the accounts. I am willing to modify the GALSync.dll source code, if that is what it takes

    The exact error that this is throwing is in this part of the code for the ResolveJoinSearch() function

    exceptionString = "An authoritative " _
                        & csentry.GetType.ToString & "-object in " _
                        & csentry.MA.Name _
                        & " with  DN " & csentry.ToString _
                        & " attempts to join when it should be projected.  There " _
                        & "is another authoritative object representing the same " _
                        & "entity in the metaverse: " _
                        & MasterConnector(rgmventry(0)) _
                        & ". This object will not be propagated to any other " _
                        & "forests until this conflict is resolved by removing " _
                        & "or modifying one of the objects so that they no " _
                        & "longer collide.  Also Microsoft Identity Integration Server will try to maintain these " _
                        & "objects if it has the permissions and may rewrite " _
                        & "the attributes unless appropriate action is taken."

    I would appreciate any help you could provide


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