UAG accessed from Firefox on Windows 7 - The requested download is not allowed by the download policy for this site RRS feed

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  • Accessing Sharepoint site through UAG.  Downloading documents from IE works fine.  Trying to open same documents from Firefox 11.0 & 12.0, gives above error.  Have found that the Endpoint policy that is blockng it is "Default Web Application Download" policy.  If I edit that policy and change the platform-specific policy for Windows to Always, it works.  I notice ao that the Sign Out opton fails unless I do the same thing.  See below the settings that work.  Surely I should not thave to change the default policy for Firefox.  Is this the correct way to resolve the issue, or is there a safer method?  Is there any configuratrion guidance for non-MS browsers an OS's?

    Wednesday, May 23, 2012 10:52 AM

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  • what else is part of that policy?  does it need to have the Wiper_Installed installed?  if so do you have the proper version of Java for firefox installed and enabled, I have had a few users complain about the same issue and here is what I send them to resolve it. (lots of pictures and step by step instructions with it for the end user but I have not included it here)

    UAG access using firefox on windows XP

    Tested with Mozilla FireFox Version 12 and using Sun JRE Version 1.7.0_04 downloaded from (using the firefox browser) 

    With firefox open I can go to tools >  Add ons and see

    Java Deployment toolkit  and Java™ Platform SE 7 U4

    And it all works as expected, once you  trust the website and log into it with network credentials

    you can also monito the connection using the UAG session monitor to see where it might be failing

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 2:29 PM