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  • I'm hoping someone here has seen this problem and knows a good fix. We have ways to fix it (which I'll go into here in a second), but with our situation, it'd be a big pain to use them.


    First, a little background.When we configure a machine here, we map the Documents directory to the user's U: drive which makes sure that all of their documents are stored off of the machine. This way in the event of a hard drive crash, the user's documents are stored on an external server we can just re-map to and the server is backed up nightly to avoid losing the information there.


    Next, the problem. We are having problems installing some applications (Symantec AV 10.2 Corp edition for one and Adobe Photoshop for another... Dell driver updates failed too). Some aren't as forthcoming with errors, but the Symantec installer gave a pretty specific error: "Invalid U:/ Drive".


    Now, we found a MSDN article that gave us a workaround, but it's not a very good solution when you're talking about working with over 25 PCs. We have confirmed that this article fixes each of the installer problems I mentioned above.


    The article can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/327763. With some common sense, that article can be applied to Vista. You just check the listed keys and modify them by looking at the other values around the one you're fixing. Essentially that solution re-maps the Documents back to the local copy and away from the U:/ Drive.


    We'd like a better solution than this. Once we roll out these new PCs, if we have to install an update or new program on all of them, it will take ages to undo the mapping, install the program, and re-do the mapping when in at least some cases, the users themselves would be able to do it.


    Has anyone seen this before or have a better idea for a fix?


    Would appreciate anything anyone can provide.



    Monday, October 8, 2007 7:03 PM