Suggestion to shrink size of Windows Updates or OS RRS feed

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  • Hi Sir/Mdm,

    I am a fan of microsoft product and microsoft win 7 is really fast. This feedback applies for all windows updates files.

    I have recently bought a new computer with 180 gb ssd harddisk and i realise Windows updates, really uses a lot of space (if i am not wrong, win os and win updates files takes up around 59 gb of data).

    2 solutions from me;

    A. Is it possible for Windows to consider loading a page to allow users to indicate the type of hardware they are using before downloading windows installer from website.

    For option A, it is more sensible as Customers can provide inputs to Microsoft via a dropdown box, so that microsoft can categories each updates to specific customers. And include a textfield to include if model is not shown, so that microsoft can work on releasing this patch.

    B. Or, launch a new pre-update detection windows client application to auto-indicate the type of files required for windows update.

    I believe, this will drastically reduce the size of files downloaded from windows.

    For option B. it is only possible if hardware companies are willing to share information with Microsoft transparently. And, this means to be tricky for an update like this. If option B is impossible, i understand your worries.

    C. Or, Microsoft can work on a application that remove unnecessary installation files after installation of windows update files.

    I believe that this area may also be a possible way to shrink size.

    And, looking at how unix os has been, i believe Microsoft can definitely be better given its years of experience.

    For your careful considerations, please

    Yours sincerely,

    Jack Tan

    Tuesday, August 20, 2019 6:05 AM