Win7/IE9 32 bit MOSS SP 2007 service pack 3 users fail to get SP Explorer's view to work appropriately. RRS feed

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  • At least two users have reported problems with the "explorer view" of a doc library.

    User 1 reports that when she attempts to drag and drop a file from one sp 2007 site doc library to a different sp 2007 site doc library on the same farm, she gets an error that says it is unable to read from the source.

    However, she says that she can "copy and paste" the file just fine.

    User 2 - me - went to the source and destination location. My IE 9 32 bit would not automatically open the explorer view window when I selected explorer view from the view dropdown. However, when I used the library's Action > Open in Windows Explorer, the window opened.

    However - the window was empty, even though the library had folders and documents.

    I then created a test document. When I tried to drag that from my desktop into the first of the doc libraries, I was told that it already existed; however I used a file name that included my own name and there would be no reason for there to be a file (invisible from both the explorer view and the all documents view) to be there.

    I then went to the upload button and that allowed me to upload the test doc without a problem to the library.

    I again used the library's open in windows explorer option and while it opened, it showed no documents.

    I am really puzzled. I do not see entries in the 12 hive or event logs relating to my trials.

    I am wondering if anyone has encountered and fixed this problem?

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013 7:39 PM