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    We are planning to upgrade the Client Machines from Windows XP to Windows 7. We have only limited Group Policies in our org. We are planing to put more group policies as recommended by microsoft.

    1. How can we push GP's to new upgraded Windows 7 Machines. Becuase, My org will have both Windows XP and Windows 7 Machines under Single computers OU.  This will give any conflicts in Windows XP Client Machines. ?

    2. is there any recommended best practice to follow about GP Configuration while migrating Windows XP to Windows 7.

    3. I have Logon scripts for Windows XP and its applied via GP. Can i use the same Logon acripts for Windows 7 Machines.

    4. Can i integrate Current Logon (Windows XP) Script with newly created Logon Script (Windows 7) ? How to do that ?

    5. is there any best practice configuration to improve the Client Machines Logon Performence ?




    Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:37 PM


  • 1. Windows 7 and XP machines can coexist in the same OU without issues. Settings specific to windows 7 will be ignored by Windows XP. To ensure you have the most current Administrative settings, you should only use the Group Policy Management Console from the latest OS your organization has. You also want to setup a central store: http://deployhappiness.com/firing-up-gpmc-for-the-first-time-your-next-3-steps-are/

    2. There aren't really any recommended best practices. Microsoft pretty much enables anything that is broadly applicable by default. Because Group Policy is so customizable, your environment will be different than any other environment. I do have two recommended settings (that you will want to research first). The first setting is offline files - offline files behaves differently between XP and 7. The second setting is to enable verbose mode. It will help you in troubleshooting: http://deployhappiness.com/the-one-group-policy-setting-that-you-need-to-enable/

    3. Depends. UAC might stop some of those scripts from running. A better solution is group policy preferences (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24449). Preferences allow you to have a graphical view of your script and allows for some really awesome filtering!

    4. See answer for 3.

    5. Windows 7 includes a very detailed Group Policy log. You can combine it with Windows Performance Toolkit (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652) to get a GUI view of the logon/startup process. I would first focus on your upgrade (including central store and going to preferences). Afterwards, you can fine tune your environment to speed up logins.

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