IE memory in task manager keeps on Increasing and finally leading to Crash IE RRS feed

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  • Environment details:

    Browser : IE 10, IE 11

    OS: Tested in Widnows 7, 10 and Windows server 2012 R2

    Machine Physical Memory RAM: 4GB

    Its Office device under a domain.

    Problem: IE memory in task manager keeps on Increasing and finally leading to Crash IE

    Description: Our application is a Single page application, where user will be opening different pages inside that. Our Web framework will load the required libraries and will be reused across all the child pages. When user opens the child page IE memory increases and not getting decreased even after closing the child page. We have done profiling the heap memory and there are no objects left for Garbage collection. Still the IE memory keeps increasing in the task manager and does not reduces until the refresh of browser.

    Task Manager memory is increasing after some time 30mins to GBs, even the number of objects count and heap memory after opening and closing pages are almost same.

    Its SPA, once the first page is opened, the Web framework loads the required libraries and will be reused across all the pages. The objects created in those pages will be nullified and references will be removed while closing the page to accelerate garbage collection process.  

    Without add-ons also, issue is coming.

    We have read in some blogs that, somewhere between 1.6GB and 1.8GB IE browser will recycle the process, dropping RAM back down to 200MB. 

    We have raised this question in, but they suggested to post here. Refer

    Tuesday, March 20, 2018 9:01 AM

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  • Hi,

    All IE 'crashes' are viewable in the Windows Event Viewer.... Start>Control Panel>Administrative tools>Windows event viewer

    Please copy/paste the windows error log for the faulting iexplore.exe process with your questions.

    Also include your windows and IE versions AND your IE Update version. (Help>About Internet Explorer)... You should install ALL IE critical security updates... these mostly concern security and version updates for Flash and Java JRT ActiveX controls (plugins not addons (toolbars and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) 

    From your description there are two possible reasons.....

    tab process growth. see Tools>Internet Options>

    Security tab, is "Protected mode" turned on/off for the IE security zone your 'website'/'intranet' site? (expected intranet, Protected Mode on)

    <aside> go to the registry node... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\TabProcConfig and examine the list of hosts under that key... if your site/intranet site is listed there, delete it from the registry.... restart your computer for the changes to take affect. You can determine the bitness of an IE tab process from f12>Console tab, navigator.platform... for hosts that map to the IE intranet this is usually (by default) an x86 process. For internet hosts, this is by default an x64 process but will depend on your security zone settings and the cpuClass of your machines' processor...(x86 processors of coarse cannot thunk to x64)</aside>

    GPU rendering of flash and other legacy ActiveX controls. see Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab, check "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering"...!important restart your computer for the full changes to take affect.

    If possible also include with your questions a link to problem websites with your questions... If it is an intranet site, please say so in your question... do not post links to your internal company websites. We of coarse cannot visit them to do any testing.

    We await your post back with the details of the Windows Event Viewer.



    Thursday, March 22, 2018 1:05 AM