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    As explained by the articles:
    "By default, when a connector space object is disconnected from a metaverse object, all of the attribute values that the connector space object contributed to the metaverse object are recalled from the metaverse object.
    If there are any Import Attribute Flow rules for these attributes configured on other management agents who have connector space objects linked to this metaverse object, these will be evaluated in order according to the attribute precedence settings to repopulate the metaverse with values for these attributes. The rules engine will process all of the connector space objects until the attributes are repopulated or the available connector space objects are exhausted.

    However, there are certain scenarios where you would need the attribute values to remain in the metaverse, even though the source for those attribute values has been disconnected. For example, you might import user accounts from one directory in order to populate another directory. After the initial migration, you delete the accounts from the source directory. By default, the objects in the source connector space are disconnected, and the attributes contributed by them are recalled from the linked metaverse objects. By selecting the option in the Management Agent Designer to not recall attributes upon disconnection, the objects can be safely disconnected in the source connector space without affecting the attribute values in the metaverse objects.

      note Note
      Attribute recall does not affect the role of attribute flow precedence. Lower precedence data sources will continue to be prevented from replacing higher precedence values that are left by a disconnected or deleted connector space object, and higher precedence data sources can replace the values.

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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 5:22 PM