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    According to: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee809070.aspx

    By default, File Access interface presents users with a folder tree in the left pane, and this tree contains all the folders you enable in the File Access administration window. To restrict user access to a specific folder, you can define the path of the folder as the application URL, and disable the folder tree view. Users can then access only the path that is defined as the application URL, including all subfolders.

    the article continues as follows:

    1. In the Admin menu of the Forefront UAG Management console, double-click File Access.

    2. On the Application Properties dialog box, click the Portal Link tab.

    3. In Application URL, enter the following, and then click OK:



      where path is the full path of the folder users will access.

      For example:


      ?Path=EUROPE/NORWAY/Bergen&ShowFolders=FalseStep 1

    And we just cannot get this to work; this is what we have tried:

    - http://localhost:Auto/WhaleFileSharing/?Path=servername/sharename&ShowFolders=False

    - http://localhost:Auto/FileSharing/?Path=servername/sharename&ShowFolders=False

    - http://localhost:Auto/filesharing/?Path=servername/sharename&ShowFolders=False

    - http://localhost:Auto/WhaleFileSharing/?Path=domainname/servername/sharename&ShowFolders=False


    - http://localhost:Auto/filesharing/?Path=domainname/servername/sharename&ShowFolders=False

    we have also repeated every setting above with this suffix: &ShowFolders=FalseStep 1

    Can someone please clarify how we can hide these folders from the users, as the document suggests?

    thank you,

    Friday, November 18, 2011 12:42 AM