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  • Hi All,

    After much Google searching, as well as searching forums on this site, I am resorting to starting a new thread.

    Here is the background info related to my question...

    We are using an old CAD application called CADkey (version 19)

    On older computers, that are running windows XP, If we open a cadkey drawing, it opens cadkey like it should - now, with that drawing still open, if we open an additional drawing, it opens up in a new window INSIDE of the same running instance of CADkey - HOWEVER if we do the same thing in Windows 7, it opens up a whole new CADkey process/window rather than containing the additional drawing within the original CADkey instance. 

    My question is: Has anyone experienced this same anomaly with other older applications, or perhaps CADKey within Windows 7?

    The program runs fine otherwise - it is just an annoyance to some of our users that work with multiple drawings at once.

    And yes, I have tried running in compatibility mode.

    Any advice, input is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time in reading this.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 5:12 PM