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  • Hello Everyone,

    This morning, while booting up my Lenovo T61 laptop with Windows XP for another day of miscellaneous computer use, I was stopped by the black screen with multiple boot options for Windows detected an error due to recently downloaded programs. These are your common boot options, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Lateste Good Configuration, and Start Windows Normally. Not knowing what the problem was, I chose Start Windows Normally.

    So Windows does begin to start, it fades to the loading page where it shows the Windows logo and the loading status bar, well then that page freezes and then changes to a Blue Screen explaining the error even more for about 3 or so seconds. There is also a stop code on the page, but I am unable to read all of it because the screen disappears after 3 seconds. The page it sends you to is the black screen with the boot options.

    EVERY option sends me to the blue screen which then sends me back to the beginning.

    I even managed once to get into Lenovo Recovery and Rescue, hoping I could easily do a System Recovery. The option is there, it's clickable, but does NOT do anything after being clicked or selected.

    The system was working fine last night and the last program I downloaded were some updates for Apple iTunes and Quicktime.


    If anyone could please help me, I would appreciate it greatly. If anyone wanted to know how I managed to post this, I'm on a separate laptop with my Lenovo XP sitting next to me still showing all of these symptoms.

    Friday, December 30, 2011 7:44 PM

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