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  • Reading the notes contained within this site I am not exactly sure how best to phrase my question regarding the the issues I am currently, and have been experiencing, since the end of October with Windows 7 Home Premium.  From the start; accessing the computer on October 27, 2012, it was more than obvious that changes to the system had occurred. Shortcuts were removed from the desktop.  Files that I would certainly consider personal in nature, as they contained tax information, banking information, and many other documents similar in nature.  It goes without saying that this issue was cause for concern and equally confusing.  The particular file was not only password protected I also had additional security measures in place.  The file had not only been accessed, it was also left open.  This computer is my own, its also one I use exclusively, no other users.  Additionally, I use very strong passwords and I have, or had anyway, various security measures in place.  This statement is not meant to implying invincibility.  I am very aware that any system is vulnerable.  In an attempt  to determine what had occurred, the one oddity really made little or no sense were numerous Wordpad files I had accumulated and they continue to up until this very day. This "hacker" or super "virus" is the most accommodating o I have ever heard of as is kind enough to leave notes behind detailing the many changes that had been made.  Realizing the tone is sarcastic my issue is that from the onset the folks at Microsoft have assured me that they make no changes to systems, and they do not access systems without prior consent.  I believe that I have and questioned every support area they have,  regarding my issues.  I have no idea how many calls I have made to this Organization and not anyone has made mention of the items I have read within this Community site.  The bulk of support responses were either virus or hacked.  Either certainly possible.  Initially, it made sense but it continues to happen and I lose more access and control of my machine on almost a daily basis.  Although I am listed as the Administrator whoever the "trustedintaller" is has "Full Control" of the machine.  There are files and drives I cannot access, files I can't remove, there many areas where I can't save a file and, I have had programs completely removed and I am unable to add any??  The error I typically receive is that I am unable to access this drive, file and so on.  And the one message I truly enjoy the most is the one that states that I unable add or remove a program, save to a file to a certain area,, access a certain area with first receiving Administrator approval.  I have no idea where to even start with that one.  Without question the one item that truly displeases me most and causes me  great concern is the group of Administrative type programs that I would label as the type that run in the background. Task Manager, Services, Firewall, Component Services, there are others some I am unable view or access any more.  I even took the liberty to remove a few.  If you are the inquisitive type, hit the Start button and then at the bottom where it says "Search Programs and Files" enter one highlighted programs above.  This is one area that I would be very interested to know if other folks have these same types programs running on there systems.  If we were discussing a work environment these types programs or access restrictions would make perfect sense.  The predominant issue(s), for myself anyway, is that its not clear what functionality of what the programs is.  Without any clarification is extremely difficult to determine if they are gathering information, are they motoring activity, there are some that I have absolutely no idea why they are on the system.  I have removed programs are or were that do not will not use, somehow that end-up back on the computer??   All I am really am looking is clarification.  Additionally, not one of the Support Groups I have spoken with has mentioned or referenced has any of the items above or any of the items I have read one this site.  I offered on many occasions to forward the Wordpad notes to perhaps make it easier to clarify if we are both looking at the same thing, not interested.  I finally reinstalled Windows 7 taking back to day one I have lost  a huge amount of information.  I have backup but difficult to reinstall when I can not reinstall some programs.  I Support folks have offered the $99 fix it deal, quite a few times,  which I was not completely resistant to, other than I truly believe the access restrictions and the other issues I am experiencing are the result of program changes or adjustments Microsoft is making.  Based on whats occurring and the lack response they have not convinced me that their updates or adjustments will correct the issues.  And in the spirit of full disclosure I am an Internal Auditor by trade and have done so for 30+ years.  Based on the lack any solid answers, absolutely no insight or direction is causes my reluctance to take them up on there offer.  I even agreed with on individual who assured me that the issue, if were to comply their $99 offer, would be corrected. I agreed if they would also agree refund the monies in the event the continued or recurred. Apparently that's only a one way street.    The machine is basically worthless at this point.  I have high level of concern based what I am experiencing and I have a zero level of comfort regarding putting any personal information on this system. I am currently in process of changing operating system and this is a project that would most likely be done with this provided I could access my C:Drive and the E:Drive, which I partitioned based on direction from Microsoft, this was to aid in reprogramming process, but I did not move quick enough and now I am unable access C:, D: or E:.  I can honestly say that reinstall would be complete by this point had I received any help Microsoft when I called last.  And make that statement based on call made Tuesday evening.  The two Support folks I spoke were great, very polite, no issues other than they needed to transfer me to another area.  From that point I got Tech Support  and do not remember the gentleman name, not relevant,   I attempted to explain my issue which was and still is, needed to access the C:Drive but I blocked from doing so. Initially, I did not a service ticket number, that did not go well at all.  I  stated that based on the information the provide each time I call I should be easy to locate. (Name, Phone#, email).  From there , based my request and lack of a ticket#, he made very clear that he was a Tech Support Professional and apparently I was not being receptive to extensive knowledge in that I was not was very clear on the issue I need assistance with, and the only way this was the $99 deal.  The question I asked was "how do I access the C:Drive when the "trustedinstaller" has it setup as "access denied"????  That is all I needed and I would then have been able add the new software and I would be back in business.  But the Professional reiterated to me that I have a virus and I need to pay the $99 to have this issue addressed.  My statement to him was that if this is indeed a virus, it is the most sophisticated virus I have seen or heard of and its knowledge of Microsoft Programming is phenomena they hire the individual that wrote it.  I also mentioned the Professional that there are TechNet Bulletins on their system that describe the issues I am experiencing almost verbatim.  It's detailed in more than one.  The response was the same, $99.  No reason to go any further, for some reason I felt the need to mention to the Professional that my first stint in college was actually computer programming.  It was COBOL, FORTRAN, DOS, not that same type of programming as this but I felt comfortable with the questions I  had asked, it really seemed clear to me.  His final response was if change your mind you call us and let us know you want to do.  I assured him that there would be absolutely no more calls and that it was obvious I am wasting his time as well as my own and I have worked at this with Microsoft for over a moth and and I have gotten absolutely nowhere. 

    That's what brings me to this Community site for help.  I would appreciate any insight, observations, similar issues any help at all.  Even if that insight is that I am way off base and its an issue strictly related to my system. I wish I had had the foresight to visit this site sooner.  Thank you in advance help with this, I do appreciate it
    Thursday, December 6, 2012 2:48 PM