delete gmail from outlook and get rid of pop-up from google mail appeaering every 5 seconds to say mail is not configured correctly RRS feed

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  • I can't get rid of gmail from outlook-I've gone thru the steps posted on line but cannot scroll down to the delete 'button' on the rectangular box that appears when you go thru all the steps because the delete box/activator appears below the screen--i'm ready to get rid of Hotmail/outlook (is that possible on a pc?!) and just do with yahoo. All this happened because I forgot a new password have not found it anywhere for gmail when I was using a pubic computer.  Now I can't get rid of that pop-up 'you gmail account settings are out-of-date--help my computer has been hijacked--it's worst than a virus--never recalled google/gmail asking me if I wanted them to question my use of other computers--this is totally screwed--I hate gmail/google with all my heart and hope that company will come to the bitter end they deserve. I doubt I will receive an answer to this--but if I could be google/gmail and even outlok/Microsoft edge into the dumpster on my computer I would.

    This is the way corporate giants are contolling our lives--they take over our computers--it's souds nuts--but it's actually true.

    Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:37 PM