documents not view


  • there is a designation table and there is admins e.g supervisor,manager ,director

    so when supervisor upload document then he/she not able t see his/her documents

    i try this sp

    SELECT dbo.DocumentInfo.DocID, dbo.DocumentInfo.DocName as DocumentName,
     dbo.DocumentInfo.UploadedBy as UploadedBy,
     dbo.Userss.Email as UserEmail,
      dbo.Department.DepType ,
      dbo.ApproveType.ApproveType AS ApproveID
      FROM dbo.Department
      left JOIN dbo.DocumentInfo
      ON dbo.DocumentInfo.DepID=dbo.Department.DepID
      left JOIN dbo.DocType
      ON  dbo.DocumentInfo.DocTypeID=dbo.DocType.DocTypeID
        inner JOIN dbo.Userss on Userss.UserName =dbo.DocumentInfo.UploadedBy
       LEFT JOIN dbo.ApproveType
        ON dbo.ApproveType.approveid=dbo.Department.DepID
        where dbo.Department.DepID=@DepID

    s0 how i appy condition that supervisor not able to see his/her documents?
    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 8:57 AM

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