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  • I have a problem many people seem to have and I have spent many hours/days trying to fix it unsuccessfully. I have one Win-7 SP1 64-bit computer and several other Win-XP SP-3 32-bit computers on a gigabit home network with a Linksys RVS 4000 router.
    • All computers have the same workgroup.
    • All computers have internet access.
    • All XP computers CAN ping the other XP computers and the XP computers CAN browse to the other XP computers by entering the IP address: \\192.168.blah.blah.
    • The Win-7 computer CAN ping the XP computers and CAN browse to the XP computers by entering the IP address: \\192.168.blah.blah.
    • The XP computers CANNOT ping the Win-7 computer and CANNOT browse to the Win-7 computer by entering the IP address: \\192.168.blah.blah.
    • IP6 is DISABLED on the Win-7 machine.
    • Netbios is ENABLED on all machines.
    • Win-7 computer is set to Home Network and all Advanced Sharing Settings permissions are ON; Network Discovery, ON; File and Printer Sharing, ON; Public Folder Sharing, ON.
    • Win-7 computer shows HomeGroup as Joined and will not let me leave the HomeGroup.
    • Windows firewall on XP computers is disabled. Norton firewall is up, but it has always been up and I have tried disabling it with no change. Win-7 computer does not have Norton yet and I have not fooled with Security Essentials.
    I don't know exactly when it started happening, but:
    • The computers do not show each other on the Windows Explorer Network page, In the Win-XP computers, only the folders that were added manually do show up. But there is no AUTOMATIC discovery.
    • The XP computers all get an error if I try to access the workgroup from Network Neighborhood by exploring for computers, saying the Workgroup server is not available or I don't have access.
    • The Win-7 network screen only shows the Win-7 computer itself and none of the XP computers. It also shows other network devices as it should, however.
    • At times, although I can't replicate it right now, the XP computers will show the others, but won't show the Win-7 computer, if I go through the network connection set up wizard in IE8. If i reboot, the access seems to go away...but I cannot make them show up now.
    • At times, but not now, I have been able to see all network computers on the Win-7 computer.
    I have tried everything I can find, including changing one networking key in the registry on the XP machines from an 8 to a 1. This worked for other people, but didn't change anything for me.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Sunday, March 13, 2011 4:41 PM