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  • First I will lay out the situation. We have a web service that uses some of the code our main web application also uses. The service allows us to extend the process to other applications. The app exists for several customers and the dll libraries have some customer specific portions. So the service uses the same projects/dll assemblies that the app does, but, since the service is attempting to be customer independent the original architect set this up to build with the general libraries and then at implementation the customer specific dlls are then placed in the services bin from the apps bin. This when nothing goes wrong allows the service to reference the customer specific code. I do realize this isn't a particularly great implementation, however, at this time they aren't interested in re-architecting this.

    So the problem is that we have a customer specific dll that after it was "synced" doesn't appear to be recognized (it is complaining about a parameter in a stored proc call that the code should be providing.  A decompilation shows that it is the correct code to provide the parameter.  We have attempted many things to force a refresh/update of this dll, such as deletion and recopying, rebuilding the correct dll in place on the server, recycling the app pool, blowing the service away and putting a complete new copy out there.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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