Publishing SharePoint site via UAG with SSL RRS feed

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  • Hi All;

    I'm trying to deploy UAG in my SharePoint 2007 environment. Originally, there was an ISA 2006 server, but due to some issues, we are replacing with a UAG server.

    Original settings on SHarePoint Internal URL:,  Zone:Default, PublicURL  for Zone:

    I then moved that original URL to the Extranet Zone and in my default Zone I created http://servername as the default.

    I then went to IIS and bound port 80 to my original site that was being served on 443. Both now work, but that is not an ideal configuration because my server sits in the DMZ and we don't want 80 open, and for other reasons we cannot move it into our domain proper due to DC considerations for a portion of our user community.

    I also read that  UAG has problems talking over 443 back to SharePoint and it has to communicate over 80 to SharePoint and will communicate over SSL with the user. CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS?

    Secondly - When I configure UAG it does not serve any pages. It just does not find SharePoint.

    Can anyone clue me in on how this appliance is supposed to be configured?

    Thursday, September 26, 2013 7:18 PM