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  • I am looking for slides/diagrams for reference architectures (overall/physical/logical) that contain Office 365 and SharePoint On premises integration.

    Client has strict data protection clauses where sensitive data should not be exported to other countries.

    Even personal data should be exported only to countries considered as safe and organizations implementing safe harbor framework.

    Client has different document confidentiality classifications i.e. secret, confidential, internal and public.

    They have 3 kinds of users, internal employees, kiosk workers and non-employees.

    External partners (non-employees) have access to public documents rest all are for internal employees and non-emp needs collaborate with internal employees.

    So I am thinking of hybrid environment just to meet 'Data backup and archival constraints client has put. ( They want the data should be archived with in the same Datacenter). Otherwise Initially I thought of suggesting complete public cloud offering but i am not sure whether we will have control on the datacenter ? Can we think of Public Cloud ( Dedicated) ?  What is the main difference b/w Public cloud with DEDICATED.   ( Is it same as Private cloud?? interms of having control over the datacenter/deployment/owning farm etc). 

    OR Complete private cloud .

    OR Hybrid environment.     But I see lot of challenges and  complex when you need to manage private, public, and traditional data centers all together. You'll need to add capabilities for federating these environments.

    So what could be the better approach?   PUBLIC CLOUD with DEDICATED ( what is the difference b/w this and private cloud interms of operations not the logistics).

    client is not interested only in Private cloud. His choice is , public cloud  , 2nd choice is hybrid and the last chance is private cloud.

    But i think , private cloud could be better fit because we don't know what kind of development may required in future which may have some limitations if its pure public cloud with standard. 

    Saturday, April 13, 2013 3:19 AM