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  • I had two 2tb drives set up in mirror mode. One got disconnected from the mother board for a coupla days. I discovered that when SS informed me there was 'reduced resiliency'. I reconnected the 2nd drive, and now it shows both drives as "OK", but I still have the 'reduced resiliency' error message. MS level 2 support suggested that this might have occurred because something went wrong when SS tried to copy the now-reconnected 2nd drive. Perhaps a corrupted index or something.

    My question is - has anyone heard of this? Is this really the problem, or is it something else? Their solution was to take all the data off the drives, reset the SS mirror, and reload the drives. Will this actually fix the problem? Any info is gladly accepted. thanks!!!

    Thursday, April 9, 2015 12:17 AM


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