JEE monitoring - Error when trying to monitor Tomcat8 instance used in Atlassian Confluence application RRS feed

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  • I try to monitor Atlassian Confluence application, based on Tomcat8 application server.

    I have imported Tomcat management pack on my SCOM server, and i have deployed Beanspy tool in target Tomcat8  server running on Windows Server.

    Trouble is that page BeanSpy/Stats is NOT returning com.interopbridges.scx.jmx.TomcatJMXAbstraction. This prevents monitoring of tomcat and contained applications.

    The link https://TargetAdress/BeanSpy/Stats returns a page that starts like this :

    < DataItem type =" GET " time =" 2019-04-02T17:51:56.5090755+02:00 " sourceHealthServiceId =" 4F587502-CEA0-C1E2-2A12-FCC28FCBE418 " >
    < Stats version =" 7.5.1038.0 " >
    < JmxStores >
    < Properties >
      < JmxStoreNames type =" class java.lang.String " > com.interopbridges.scx.jmx.JdkJMXAbstraction </ JmxStoreNames >
      </ Properties >
      </ JmxStores >


    To be compared with expected result :

    <Stats version="7.5.1038.0">
    <JmxStoreNames type="class java.lang.String">com.interopbridges.scx.jmx.TomcatJMXAbstraction</JmxStoreNames>
    <JmxStoreNames type="class java.lang.String">com.interopbridges.scx.jmx.JdkJMXAbstraction</JmxStoreNames>


    My opinion is that this may be caused by the server.xml file used by Confluence application. 

    Server.xml file starts with :

    <Server port="8000" shutdown="SHUTDOWN" debug="0">
        <Service name="Tomcat-Standalone">
            <Connector port="8080" connectionTimeout="20000" redirectPort="8443"
                    maxThreads="48" minSpareThreads="10"
                    enableLookups="false" acceptCount="10" debug="0" URIEncoding="UTF-8"
                    protocol="org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol" />

            <Engine name="Standalone" defaultHost="localhost" debug="0">


    Server.xml file used on a Tomcat 8 that i am able to monitor correctly starts with...

    <Server port="8005" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">
            <Service name="Catalina">


    Can somebody help me on that tricky issue ? Thank you for your help.

    Thursday, April 18, 2019 1:07 PM