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  • The total # of Project Hours on the resources-only based contract is 53,000 hours with a fixed duration of 12/31/2013 with each resource working 9h/day.  However, in Project, it's only showing 47,000 hours. Why am I missing hours?

    Here are the steps that I took

    1. I added all my resources to the Resource Sheet. Then added my tasks to the Gantt. Then I assigned resources to the tasks based on when the pools of resources would start. In this case, 2/14, 4/29, 5/18 and 6/18 respectively.
    2. From there, I went back to Resource usage, Add the row "Actual Work" and captured the actuals of the  resources which started on 2/4. Those hours now match my Project Financials and is now reflected in the Gantt in the "Actual Work" column.

    3. Note.  I did not configure Project to be fixed duration when I created the plan.  So I went into Project, selected the first row, went to Project Information -> Advanced tab and was somehow able to change it to Fixed Duration.  However, the first line (top in the hierarchy) of the Gantt

    I can't seem to understand why the hours are missing.  Can you help?

    Thanks, Todd

    Friday, April 26, 2013 3:04 PM

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  • MaceWindu007,

    Although you give a pretty good explanation there are a few details we need in order to help you.

    First, what version of Project are you using? And, is it updated with the latest service pack?

    What exactly do you mean by a "resources only" schedule?

    Your workday is 9h/day. Did you also customize the project calendar to reflect that? How about resource calendars, if applicable?

    You say it's fixed duration of 12/31/13. Duration is a span of time, while 12/31/13 is a specific date. How do the two relate (i.e. it the whole thing one big task that ends on Dec 31st or multiple tasks, or what)?

    If your first resource pool starts on 2/14, then where did the actuals come from that started on 2/4? A typo perhaps?

    When exactly did you convert the plan to fixed duration (i.e. before or after resource assignment and/or entering actuals)?

    Did you set a baseline?

    If the project was set up properly, the Project Summary Task will show a total in the Work field of 53,000 hours. So what exactly is the discrepancy in hours (i.e. Work, Baseline Work, Actual Work)? This assumes you have calculation set to automatic.


    Friday, April 26, 2013 3:58 PM