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  • Wanted to start a thread where suggestions can be posted about what you guys would like to see added to PerformancePoint. So please lets hear your ideas.


    (Keep in mind that posting a suggestion here does not guarantee it will be added to the PerformancePoint.)



    Jon Thomas

    Saturday, December 15, 2007 12:08 AM

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  • Hello,


    I'm really glad the question was asked. Many of the suggestions below are actually based on customer requests. I have been giving him the  'not supported in the current version' reply for a while now, would be really great if some of these features could be added to PPS Monitoring soon.


    Analytic Grids:

    • Reflecting the calculated members font and bg color expressions defined in SSAS and providing conditional formatting from within Dashboard Designer 
    • Providing more control over the font and color formatting of dimension members (Giving a certain formatting for a certain level of a dimension, different from the rest of the grid)
    • Adjusting the manner in which dimension members are expanded (For example, you have a products dimension members and below it a Time dimension members laid on the grid rows, when you click to expand the time dimension for some product 'X', it performs the action for all the products present not just 'X', which is probably not what the user was trying to do).


    Analytics Charts:

    • Supporting the use of two series types together in one chart (using bars and line series in the same chart for instance, as in ProClarity charts).
    • The ability to customize chart series colors from the Dashboard Designer.
    • Providing 3D charts.


    Page Filters:

    • The ability to filter the members of one filter based on the selected member in another filter.



    • Applying 'display condition' when dimension members are clicked (and not necessarily having to click on the KPI itself)
    • Passing parameters across pages of a dashboard (Having a dimension member in the scorecard been clicked, the user is taken to another dashboard page and the elements in that other page are filtered based on the user selection in the previous page)
    • Supporting filter links for multiple levels of a Scorecard axis (Lets's say you'd have Products and Stores on the Scorecard row and you can apply filters to both of them)
    • Offering more control for the scorecard header and border colors (I know you can change the bg color of the rows and the columns headers, but for some strange reason, the cell lying between th two axes simply wouldn't have its color changed no matter how hard I tried!! Thus I'd still have to give either the rows or columns header that light blue color so that the cell wouldn't look out of place.)




    Saturday, December 15, 2007 6:24 PM
  • Nice to see such an initiative to hear what we need. Here are the lists from my end. Marked in red are most wanted by the customers.


    SL.No. Query Description
    1 SAP DW datasource connection In the RTM version of PPS, connectivity with SAP BW is missing. Is it going to be added in the upcoming baselined version or eventually PPS will not connect with SAP BW ?
    2 Changing labels in the analytic reports How the label name can be
     changed in the analytic report and how to name the X-axis/Y-axis as we do in SQL Reporting services
    3 KPI Alerts Like in BSM the user has
    to be alerted when a particular KPI goes off terget. There was a workaround found by using SSIS, but its clearly stated that Microsoft do not give any assureance to use this way of alerting.
    4 Linking 2 filters in the dashboard When we have 2 filters in the dashboard, the
     list in filter2 should change according to the selection in filter1
    5 Proclarity report
    Option of changing dimension
    on the fly is available in ProClarity. But when it is used in PPS the option of selecting dimension is not there.
    6 ProClarity connecting to SAP cube Need a confirmation whether ProClarity connect to Sap cube
    7 Dependency on ProClarity Analytic Server
    For bringing up the ProClarity report in PPS, we need to have the reports designed in Desktop Professional and published in Analytic Server. Is this dependency going to be there in RTM
    8 Linking a particular KPI in the scorecard to respective report (Drillthorugh report from scorecard)
    If I want to click on a particular
    KPI in a Scorecard, I need to see
    a report corresponding to that KPI.
    To achive this, how do I link the KPI to a report? There was a workaround found where a blanm aspx page is used to achieve this and also by setting the url value in the report. But this page displays static report and it doesnt change with the selected KPI  in the scorecard.
    9 How the data will be refreshed in case of live data
    When the end-user is viewing the
    Dashboard, if the data changes, how it will get refreshed. Will the Dashboard get refreshed automatically when data changes
    10 Ad-hoc reporting like SQL Like Ad-Hoc reporting in SQL, can we
    have it in PPS also. The idea is to allow user to create the chart/scorecard/report/dashboard as per his wish on the fly frrom the sharepoint site. User should be allowed to select the required dimension and measures for better analytics.
    11 Changing the format of display name When we create filter, say date, we want to show it in a different format. But it comes as it is in the database. Is there a way of formating it?
    12 MDX Reports doesn’t support drill down When an Analytic chart is created in Design View, the drill down option is there. But if MXD query is used, the drill-down feature is not there
    13 Taking Dashboard Snapshot Once the dashboard is created and published to SharePoint site, is there a way to take a snapshot of the dashboard with the changes done by the end user and save a local copy. This helps the analyst who changes the dashboard with different set of filters and want to save the changed dashboard for future refrence analysis.
    14 Drill up in charts There is a provision to drill down to any dimension level from various charts. Lets say user drills down from Dimension1 to Dimension2. Now if he selects 'drill up' option by right clicking the chart, it doesn't goes to Dimension1 and shows the highest aggregated value for the selected measure ie., All Dimension level. How to drill one level up?
    15 Data level security. Kerberos setting How to filter the dashboard data based on the user logged in? Lets say a user from America region should be allowed to see only data related to America. Or user from Operations department should be allowed to view only operations department data though the dashboard has all other department details in the scorecard/report.  The link http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb838775.aspx is not that clear.

    Monday, December 17, 2007 5:50 AM
  • My wish list:


    1.Cascading filters.

    2.Reusable filters across different pages of a dashboard.

    3. Ability to give the dashboard items (charts, grids, KPI's)  an object name and display name.

    4. For Analytic Charts, a decent MDX editor for modifying and formatting queries.

    5. Dashboard designer - better control over layout of filters and views avoiding undesirable scrollbars when deployed.

    6. Easy to use dashboard designer.

    7. Analytical charts - it would be useful to provide an MDX library at MDX editor so that complex reports can be created without leaving the editor.

    8. Ability to render Analytic reports as Pie Charts (where applicable).

    9. Ability to create reports directly from tables/views. Currently have to use pivot reports.

    10.  Ability to alias a measure name . Currently lengthy measure names gets truncated in graphs when rendered. Workaround is to create a member for the measure with a shorter name. This should be avoided.

    11. Integration of dashboard designer with source code control tools.

    12. Ability to version/tag the entire workspace/dashboard to facilitate easy deployment rollbacks.

    13. Script based deployment for change control purposes. Ability to perform incremental deployments to MOSS. (It's ridiculous to deploy the entire dashboard when only the data source connection string has changed).

    14. Ability to provide label name to chart/reports and add text labels like report title.

    15. Ability of a KPI built from hetrogenous sources to respond to a dashboard filter. Although a KPI’s Actual and threshold can be defined from different sources (for eg actual can be sourced from OLAP and target can be sourced from excel), they will not respond to the dashboard filter due to the heterogenous data.

    16. For Pivot reports, ability to save the pivot view (not data) so that the next time you don't have to re-arrange the rows/columns/filters.

    17. Ability to use custom properties.

    18. Ability to feed custom property from a datasource.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 4:14 AM
  • Hi Jon,


    Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.


    I definitely agree with several of Ben's points above - I'd like to see his points 4, 6, 7, 11, 12, & 13 solved by moving the Dashboard Designer inside Visual Studio.  I think this has proven very successful for SSRS and SSAS design.  This is often a complex, enterprise-scale task which seems just too complex for an Office-style UI.


    You could then go a small step further and remove the Dashboard Editor pane - perhaps using the SharePoint Designer component instead.  Again this is an existing, enterprise-scale tool which already performs a similar function.


    Those two changes would remove a huge amount of duplicated functionality from the current Dashboard Designer and leave you guys to focus on what is unique (and great) about the PPS Monitoring product.


    I also agree strongly with Katara's first 3 points under "Scorecards" - that would be really powerful.


    My personal wishlist (besides the above) is only:


    1. Allow Time Intelligence formulas in KPI Data Mapping definitions to support Actual & Target requirements such as Current YTD vs Last YTD.  There is currently an undocumented field in that property window which doesn't seem to work?


    2. Scorecard Filter Mode gives confusing results when a Dimension has been used to nest Rows - the Dimension context rows disappear when you filter. The filtering would be a useful feature if it was aware of the Dimensions. 



    Mike Honey



    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 7:43 AM
  • Below are a few items that our team has run into that woul be nice to have in a future version:

    1. Ability to control "Filters" area "look and feel" formating and placement. Some of this can be done with Master pages, but did not see specfically where you could control the filtering layout specifically.


    2. Select "All" for filters works differently than Excel Select "All" for filters. Noticed that if you do a Select "All" in PPS it checks all the values, but throughs an error if there is no data for one of those items. In Excel however when you Select "All" it selects all values that have data.


    3. Ability to create/control navigation between dashboards. There is some with MOSS or WSS, but having the ability to use tabs or some sort of navigation with in the dashdoards would be great.


    4. More advanced charting / graphing formats similar to something like Dundas Charts has with a robust library of charting / graphing formats. 




    Tuesday, December 18, 2007 5:12 PM
  • I agree with the suggestions above.

    In addition, I want the functions of Proclarity's advanced analysis  to be added without installing any of the proclarity producties..




    Sunday, December 30, 2007 2:02 AM

    My suggestions are more Analytics focused. 


    1. Add time intelligence to Proclarity or whatever its predecessor is going to be.


    2. Allow us to use Proclarity against relational data sources as well as OLAP cubes., I know we can use models and   Report Manager in SQL to do this, but I want to give users a one stop shop for analysis, whether it's Cubes or relational.


    Tuesday, January 8, 2008 7:42 PM
  • Second Y axis on Charts please


    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 5:43 PM
  • Did you know you can get a 2nd y-axis on a chart? If you add 2 measures to a Bar Chart, one of which has "normal" numeric forfmatting, and one which is formatted as a percentage, PerformancePoint will draw the % series on the right axis.


    I am going to write a blog post that shows how this is done, since it doesn't seem that many people know of this "slightly  hidden" functionality.



    Friday, February 8, 2008 9:33 PM
  • Thanks Greg


    I'll amend my suggestion to be user controllable 2nd axis (if you know what i mean )




    Friday, February 8, 2008 10:06 PM
  • I've been working with PerformancePoint Monitoring for a couple of months now. Here are some of the higher priority items that my company would like to see in the product:


    - Suppress empty rows in Scorecards
    - Suppress empty rows in Grids without having to use an MDX expression
    - Freeze Grid and Scorecard column headers while scrolling
    - Ability to clear previously selected filter values (including non visible selections)
    - Link filters (set a filter based on another filter)
    - Suppress Information Bar (it sometimes appears automatically and causes the scrollbars to appear)
    - Filter dashboard objects based on a Grid row or column selection
    - Jump to and pass filters to an alternate Dashboard based on a Grid/Scorecard row or column selection (nice to have)


    Darrell Grekul

    Monday, February 18, 2008 6:34 PM
  • Hello,

    I think that visual improvements in Analytics Charts component are needed. Specially adding new types of charts and 3D options. It would be great if quaility of these charts would be as good as in ProClarity Web Professional 6.3 is.


    Best regards,

    Radoslaw Lebkowski


    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 10:17 AM
  • Hi


    I am sure that MS purchased Dundas sometime back. Can you not merge the graphics from Dundas as they are fantastic.






    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 1:46 PM
  • Following are some features that would be really helpful:


    (1)Ability to link one Analytic Chart to another, and filter the second chart based on the selection from the first chart.


    (2)Currently the hyperlink configured through the custom properties is a static link, it would be really great if it could be linked to the KPI row or columns like the filter, so that the hyperlink can be context sensitive.


    (3)When the scorecard KPIs contains a named set from Analysis Services, such as a top 10 list or a custom mdx sets, it will be nice if the list is dynamic such that when the top 10 list changes, it is reflected in the scorecard like it is in an Analytic Grid.  Currently in the scorecard the list is static.


    (4)When the scorecard contains custom MDX functions or named set, keep that reference so that it can be edited later.


    (5)Ability to filter a scorecard and Analytic Chart/Grid based on QueryString parameter pass on to the dashboard page.




    Friday, February 29, 2008 4:28 PM
  • I 'd like to suggest 2 more things I didn't find:

    Allow us to modifiy columns and rows name in analytic grid.
    Allow us to specify a static size for columns and rows.
    We can do that thing in pivot report but not in analytic's one. It would by great if all the functionalities present in pivot report are available in analytics.
    And maybe add the SSAS' transalations compatibility.
    Allow to have dynamic rows and colums in scorecard: i mean in a scorecard if i set my Sales Rep on rows, I have to select every Sales Rep I want to see. But If there is a new Sales Rep in my compagny, I have to modify the scorecard to add him. It's not done automatically.

    Friday, March 7, 2008 3:06 PM
  • - Almost everything should have a OverridingURL property which should automatically open in a new page (or even same page optionally) when clicked. The workaround on the PPS team blog is a silly hack which works but is too unmanageable when you have a scorecard that has lots of KPIs, all linking to different URLs. Its very tedious to set up gets worse when you have multiple scorecards with hyperlinked KPIs. Every single scorecard needs its own dummy report to provide the hyperlink functionality. then these need to be hidden in sharepoint and if the dashboard is redeployed u have to hide themm all over again. This is definitely a step back and a feature that should never have been removed from BSM2005.

    - Would like to be able to copy and paste pages within and from other dashboards, so that subtle changes can me made without having to add a whole new dashboard page from scratch. (scenario: i have two dashboards each with one page only. now i want to combine them into one dashboard, with 2 pages. there is no easy way to do this - you have to add a new page to one of them manually and then add all the zopnes etc from scratch)

    - in dashboard designer, the dashboard view resets and scrolls all the way up after any property on an an element is changed. very annoying!!! often you add a zone, add elements to the zone and then play with individual properties after that. Having to scroll back down every time anything is changed is just silly

    - in dashboard designer - there HAS to be a better way to display and expose the properties of elements - currently it jumps around too erratically when you are trying to drag items to create links. Just try linking a display condition from a site filter thats on top to a scorecard which is not very high and in a zone along with about 10 other similar scorecards. When you drag the property down, getting the automatic scroll to stop where you want it is very hard.
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008 11:15 AM
  • One thing I'd like to see is more right-click functionality, especially when it comes to previewing. If I change a KPI, and want to preview the dashboard that it's on, I have to


    1) Select the dahboard

    2) Click the Edit tab

    3) Click Preview

    4) Choose the dashboard (this is particularly annoying - it really should select the current dashboard by default)

    5) Click Next

    6) Click Finish


    Not everything needs to be a wizard - a simple right-click and "Preview" using the default settings would be very useful.


    Frankly, the Office 2007 interface in this context seems to create extra clicks and slow me down much more than its utility, and I often have to hunt for commands because I haven't opened the right tab, or got the right sort of element selected to bring up that tab. The placement of some of the buttons also could be reconsidered: deployment doesn't really belong on the Edit tab for a dashboard.


    Being able to copy formatting between KPIs would be useful, and also to bulk edit data sources. Also, I'd like to be able to change indicators on KPIs without changing scoring patterns - why does that all have to be in a single wizard? Being able to set indicators on the Actual value of a KPI would alo be useful, since in some cases I'd like to save on columns by showing the indicator right next to the actual value.


    I also very strongly agree with _proffy_ above, who talks of the annoyance of views that reset themselves when you make any change, and the clumsiness of the interface when trying to drag links between elements.


    Being able to override Tooltips for KPIs would be very useful, as well as some control over column widths in scorecards. If the whole name of a KPI can't be displayed, it would be useful to be able to either turn on word wrapping or adjust column widths.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 3:18 PM


    My suggestions:

    Dashboard & reports

    1. Cascading filters for sure...

    2. axis title in charts

    3. QueryString, Session or cookie based filters

    4. paged filters for large dimensions (ideally should support dimension's attribute search like searching customers by gender and any other customer related SSAS attributes)

    5. integrated URL redirection to improve the navigation (instead of using an ASPX page which redirect the user)

    6. forecasting a standard measure and not only a KPI

    7. displaying Excel Services in full size without using any IFrame (I dislike to have more than 1 scrollbar)

    8. displaying RS reports in full size without using any IFrame and without resizing the report (I really dislike to have more than 1 scrollbar)

    9. please... improve the dashboard designer layout!

    10. give me full access to the row and columns MDX formula! today we can apply an MDX formula for each individual filter connected, it will be great to consume all the connected filters into 1 MDX statement and creating a more powerfull results.

    11. the time intelligence filter should allow me to select the default date (today, last end of week day, last end of month day....)

    12. support 3D charts (maybe a silverlight control where we can rotate the view in a click ;-))

    13. gauge reports (like in dundas and now in RS2008)

    14. ability to remove or change a filter when we switch in full screen mode (the user can right click and drill to somewhere, this move the selected axis in the filter/information bar, but the is no way to change this filter value)

    15. a "display description" report can be great, specially in a connected dashboard to describes what the user has just selected. (and, fure sure, we can choose which properties we want to display here, not only the description)



    1. option to hide empty KPIs

    2. displaying the KPI at the member level (when we add some members on the right of a KPI list, the KPI himself displays nothing we must expand to see each individual member's kpi values)

    3. when we use a crossed scorecard (value/target on rows, KPI name on columns) and we cross the value/target with members, the member name appear in 1 row and the value on another row, it will be nice to have everything in 1 row only (ie the value just at the right of the dimension member name not 1 row below)



    1. shared named sets managed in PPS can be great!

    2. named sets which can consume dashboard filters

    3. managing the cache at the connection level rather than the web.config level

    4. must support sharepoint filters

    5. quick search for the object in the right panel; when we have a large number of objects in the repository it's long to find the object we want in a dashboard, so having a quick search or filter textbox on top of the right tree can be helpful

    6. integrated thumbnail generator to publish dahsboards into sharepoint and be able to display a rollup image (my users love the thumbnail overview, but it's a long process for the dev team to create the screen shot etc...)

    7. ability to use a report in sharepoint without adding this report into a dashboard first


    it's all for the moment... I'll send new ideas later.

    Saturday, March 29, 2008 2:33 AM

    My suggestions would be:


     - Streamlining the ribbon-based GUI.  It is tedious to have to click on a specific dashboard, then the Edit ribbon in order to Preview a dashboard page.  Also, given the limited number of icons in each ribbon, it is time-consuming to continuously click between the "Home" and the "Edit" tabs to performa basic tasks.


    - Adding formatting options such as more advanced color fomats for grids, being able to format all areas of a scorecard,


    - Improving the navigation of a dashboard inthe dashboard content area.

    - Improving the way in which filters are linked to items

    - Combining the item sizing and the zone sizing menus into one menu page.

    - Fixing formatting in numeric scorecards and grids: if my grid contains two different measures, and I wish to format one as a percentage and the other as an integer for example, I cannot. Both measures are treated, and formatted similarly.


    I agree with the need to freeze Grid and Scorecard column headers.


    Thank you the the opportunity to provide input.  By the way, when is V2 scheduled for?


    Wednesday, April 2, 2008 7:05 PM
  • Desperately need a way to set the default date in the Time Intelligence Post Formula calendar!!  We never have data for the current day in our cube and our clients have to choose their own starting date.  I am currently looking for a work around to this issue if anyone has suggestions.


    Stephanie Grice

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 9:53 PM
  • I might be missing something in my release but I don't see the ability to show values or labels in the PerformancePoint Analytic Chart properties settings like the "callout" chart properties settings in Proclarity Desktop. 




    Monday, May 12, 2008 6:55 PM
  • Here are my feature suggestions:


    (1) Absolutely must include a central repository for business logic created outside Analysis Services cubes (similar to ProClarity Business Logic Server) that PPS can use as a data source. Currently multi-dimensional data elements available for PPS consumption must be in Analysis Services cubes.


    (2) Improve the charting controls. The only option for mixed bar-line charts is when the percentage data series is selected first (takes the line-type data series), followed by a volume metric (takes the bar-type data series). Also, data labels for data series are needed, as well as control of the placement of where the data labels display in the chart (not like in ProClarity's analytics where the only control is that they show or don't show). Capitalize on the Dundas purchase and provide chart control flexibility.


    (3) Advanced visualizations need to be included to capitalize on the limited screen space on dashboards (don't want to have to scroll - should see everything needed within eyespan). Examples, Bullet Graphs (S.Few), Small Multiples (E.Tufte), and Sparklines (E.Tufte).


    (4) Improve the degree of precision available for KPI thresholds. Current release only supports two decimals. Greater precision is a must have. How can process control scorecards be effective without greater precision (Six Sigma, TQM)? The work-arounds are unnecessary and consume too many resources when the PPS UI should be able to handle this precision on its own. Increase the precision to a minimum of four decimals, e.g. 0.0002.


    (5) Saving of 'In-State' views from the dashboard, into a 'My Favorites' etc.


    (6) Printing of views. Think Yahoo, Google etc. and provide a 'Printable View' option, so that extraneous IE browser elements are removed before printing. Also, improvement of printing controls needs to go beyond basic browser based printing controls available in IE.


    (7) Visibility and access to the query script that is executed for any PPS element. Currently its too 'black box'. A query script editor window needs to be provided so that the actual query logic can be captured and validated for a view. For example, in ProClarity WebPro, the MDX Editor UI displays the actual MDX query used for the analytic view.


    That's all for now..... Mel

    Thursday, May 29, 2008 4:02 PM
  • Glad SP1 is finally out. Smile


    PPS is a great foundation and one day will be a world-class product. Like all MS 1.0 releases however it needs some work.


    I'm fairly new to PPS so I may list some things that are possible but I'm ignorant of. In that case, please make the UI and/or help system a bit more obvious for idiots like me. Smile Also, I realize some things are probably possible in SharePoint but why shouldn't I be able to do everything in PPS?


    Here's my MUST haves:

    • Scorecard hiearchies MUST be dynamic. If I have a salesperson scorecard, and I hire a new salesperson, I shouldhn't have to go add them to the scorecard and redeploy. This is BY FAR the most limiting aspect of version 1.0.
    • Cascading filters.
    • Hard to explain this one so I'll use an example from the "Revenue Finanacial" scorecard in the StateLocalGovt sample. If I alter the design of the scorecard I can put a new set of columns on the scorecard by, for example, dragging the Tax Payer Taxpayer Type dimension and dropping either above or below the "Q1-07" cell. Above the cell gives me

    EIN                           SSN

    Q1-07                        Q1-07

    Actual / Target / %      Actual / Target / %


    Or I can drop below the "Q1-07" cell and get



    EIN                           SSN

    Actual / Target / %     Actual / Target / %


    For the stated sample, the difference may not matter but for my specific use there's a huge difference. Anyway, the must have is that when applying a filter to a column, it should allow you to specify whether to apply it above or below the existing cells. Currently, it only puts it below the existing cell.


    Here's my wish list:

    • Ability to set a display name for just about anything. Particularly helpful would be the ability to set the display name for a filter as well as it's formatting.
    • Ability to set a border aroud a zone.
    • Ability to copy a filter so you can alter it slightly.
    • Ability to change a filter's name (or set a display name).
    • Ability to add an image such as a company logo, graphic, etc to a zone.
    • If i hard-code a size for an item in a dashboard (specify pixels) and then delete an item from that zone, don't resize all my hard-coded values for me to proporationately take up the deleted space.
    • Somehow some objects in a zone are shown in the designer as say 60 pixels high while others are 1100 pixels. Either size them all fairly small, or if you want them to be respresentative of how large they will be when previewed, make it accurate. It seems random to me.
    • On scorecards, ability to edit the column heading name and set a fixed width with ability to enable or disable word wrapping.
    • Ability to move or copy a zone to a different page or dashboard even. In fact, it might be nice if a zone where it's own object and could therefore be placed onto multiple dashboards to facilitate reuse.
    • Speed up the member selection process. I understand it may take 15 seconds to display the "All" node. But then why another 15 seonds when I expand that to see the first generation?
    • Don't expand all nodes when I open the workspace. Remember what I had expanded last time.
    • Undo often isn't available. Neither is revert. It should be easier to revert than having to load from the server.
    • Ability to add a "blank" row (with ability to add static text and formatting) to a scorecard so I can visually offset data and/or provide a section heading or description or whatever.
    • Ability to set filter defaults based on a QueryString
    • URL Actions for scorecards, not just grids.
    • Ability to freeze column headings.
    • Ability for end user to save as PDF.
    • Ability to hide the Objective score while still displaying the indicator and the scores for the sub-KPIs.
    • I'm positive you'll add dynamic hiearchies to the scorecards so the following isn't as much an issue but...add "Check all descendents" to the member selector right-click functionality.
    • When adding a multi-level hiearchy, have the designer set the indentation levels.

    That's all folks!



    Friday, June 6, 2008 4:03 PM

    I have been reading thru some of the posts and many of the items that I want to see enhanced are listed… one thing that I want to do is the ability to change the datasource, being used by a specific report, to utilize another datasource.

    i.e. I created perspectives in the cube and I would like to point each report to utilize the appropriate perspective.

    Thursday, June 26, 2008 5:02 PM
  • I have one really simple request - the ability to print out documentation on the elements - data sources, kpis, scorecards, dashboards, reports.  Right now, I end up taking screen shots and assembling for the client.  Thanks for the opportunity to request this.

    Tee Dubs


    Wednesday, July 9, 2008 12:37 PM
  • Here are some big ones (off the top of my head) for me in order of priority:


    1 - Please provide cascading filters!


    2 - Either fully support Proclarity web professional (for the long haul) or provide an equivalent native to PPS for power users.


    3 - KPI alerting mechanism.


    4 - More options for graphing/charting.


    5 - More control over layout (without having to modify css).


    6 - Native SAP connectivity.


    Greg Hyzak


    Monday, July 21, 2008 5:35 PM
  • Hi,


     What-if Analysis feature will also be very helpful.






    Thursday, August 14, 2008 10:29 AM
  • A couple of things that have recently been issues for us:


    - Forcing scorecards to use all allocated space on the screen by increasing column widths. Without this, scorecard alignment becomes very ragged and messy.


    - Bulk edit of permissions, preferably across object types. As far as I can see, all objects use the same permission set (Reader/Editor) and being able to change all permissions at one go would be very useful, specially when migrating between environments.

    Monday, August 18, 2008 10:39 AM
  • Hi,


    I would like to suggest this feature as well:


    Monday, November 24, 2008 11:39 PM
  • I have a few requests...

    1) That in a scorecard  the user can enter the objetive value without usign the Designer.  This is very helpful for kpis that need the responsible user enter the value, for example the % of a project. 


    2) PPS have date/time limits for enter the value and send alerts for the user for enter de kpi value.


    3) PPS can have a initiative or project section linked to a kpi, this is very helpful besides the comments or notes that we can enter now.


    Juan Alvarado



    Wednesday, November 26, 2008 4:22 PM
  • There is a tool to move PPS elements across different tiers (dev/test/live) for PPS.
    (saw this on a few lists)

    > http://www.codeplex.com/bipublisher

    Handles moving some other things, like adjusting Conneciton strings for PAS, moving excel service files, updating connections in excel service files, etc.

    Kevin I

    Thursday, November 27, 2008 8:43 AM
  • 1) A configurable date that Time Intelligence uses as its current date. 

    2) A simplified scoring system for indicators, especially the trend, straighforward and to the point. 

    Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:47 PM
  • I don't like the static nature of how scorecards handle dimension data.  For example, let's say I am creating a scorecard to compare actual and budget sales data, and I want to look at this data by Geography.  If I drag members from the "Dimensions" grouping in the scorecard editor over to the rows in the scorecard they don't dynamcially roll up.  For example,  if I drag USA, Georgia, Ohio, and Florida onto the rows, and make Georgia, Ohio, and Florida children of USA they don't necessarily add up to the value shown for USA.  It seems to just take whatever the member value is aggregating all data for that member when you drag it onto the scorecard.  It doesn't take the siblings (Georgia, Ohio, and Florida) and sum them up to give you the value.  Maybe there was data for Michigan, and that gets added into the data being shown for USA even though I have only made Georgia, Ohio and Florida children of USA.

    Thursday, June 25, 2009 4:00 PM
  • 1) For linked scorecard KPI and a Analytics report, display of the same report on hover of the KPI. This is a major requirement for my client which is not supported currently by PPS.
    2) For linked scorecards , on click of a KPI in scorecard, highlight the related KPI's ( an option for a change in background color atleast).
    3)For an analytic chart there is an option to display the details in a grid. We should have an option to display the columns that are really required. For example: End users looking at this will not be interested in the ID fields that are being displayed in the grid.
    4) More support for customization of PPS using SDK is required. Currently I can see that not a great deal of customization is possible. There is'nt much information on how to proceed further with the SDK!!!
    More support from SDK will atleast enable developers to consider customization and develop their custom PPS applications using C#.NET or VB.NET for features that are not available out of the box.
    Hopefully PPS will be integrated with sharepoint in its future release. Will these suggestions be considered?

    Thanks & Regards Sridhar
    Friday, June 26, 2009 11:54 AM
  • My wish list:
    -KPI's in general:
    if your scorecard has 100 KPI's, the maintenance would be easier to do in some kind of grid view or other centralised maintenance.
    This is also very time consuming.

    -KPI properties:
    open in new window as an option?
    redir.aspx should also accept other properties than "OverridingURL". This "OverridingURL" seems to be hardcoded somewhere..?

    -User permissions:
    permissions should apply also in KPI level and also if  KPI's are set cascading. no empty rows left.
    Wednesday, August 12, 2009 11:09 AM
  • Hi Jon,

    great idea to give us the opportunity to provide feedback.

    What we definitely need is to define colors in analytic charts.


    Thursday, September 17, 2009 8:14 AM
  • Hello All,

    Thank you for the suggestions.  I am going to lock this thread now since there is not a dedicated person monitoring the thread.  If you have product suggestions please utilize Support to submit this or you can go here:


    Thank you again,

    Aseem Nayar - MSFT
    This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights
    Thursday, September 17, 2009 3:20 PM