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  • i am having trouble with the categories webpart on the Category.aspx page that resides in one of my site directory sites.

    The webpart currently displays our collection of "Deperatments" and "Divisions" at it should but when you hover over the links for the individual departments and divisions the path that it points to is "xxxxx/deptsites/pages" where it should extend to query the subset of sites that are designated with the Department or Division values such as:


    I tried adding a new version of this web part and everythings seems to working find in the "Categories" view of the sites directory.

    Any clues on how this can be repaired?



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  • Not quite sure why this was moved to "Social Computing"? This is a problem with an OOTB Enterprise>Site Directory webpart which is not related to Blogs, Wikis, Discussin Boards, or anything that very 'social'.

    Not sure the Social Computing audience is the proper target, but I'll take any input or advise if anyone has any clues..

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011 4:22 PM
  • Hi ,


    When you create a Site Directory ,it will have Divisions ,Regions and Tasks and Tools under  the Categories tab by default .As for the ‘Department ‘category ,do you customize it to show up there ?

    1.       When you choose Edit page ,you will see the Categories web part .Here you can choose to ‘create new category’ .Is the ‘Department’ created like this ?

    2.       What do you mean by hover over ?Just put the mouse on the link ?What about click on the link ?Which page will it display ?

    3.       Have you tried the ‘Add link to site ’  on the top right side of the Site Directory page ?This  will allow  you to add link to the each of the chooses under the department .Then when you click on the individual department ,it will direct to the url you specified .



    Entan Ming
    Thursday, July 21, 2011 3:39 AM
  • Thank you for the reply Entan.

    The Categories 'tab' is essentially a redirect to the "category.aspx" page.  The links grouped under the the Division, Region, and Departments headings all point to the "categories.aspx" page, which whould then be followed by a query that resemples "?Column=DivisionMulti&ColumnDisplayName=Division&Value=...."

    1.Clicking "Create New Category" eseentially take you to the "create a new column" application in the "Sites" directory. I have tried creating a new category in this manner and by simply Add a new column through the standard "list settings" page and neither method yields successful results.

    2. By "hover" I DO mean placing the mouse on the link so I can see the target fo the link.  When I clink any link for any Deparment or Division it simply reloads the "category.aspx" page.

    3. Clicking "Add new link" takes me to the application page create a new link in the site directory list.  Any and all links that I create in the sites list work just fine.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011 8:39 PM
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  • I have tried eveything possible, including the creation of a new sites list, and I cannot get the Division, Region to query and display the site listings under the appropriate selection. 

    I'm considering "Reset to site definition" but I have never had to do this before and I am very concerned and somewhat ignorant about the repercussions. Will this reset all the site pages and lists back to the original default settings?

    I understand that this should not affect any site below the root level.  Can this be confirmed?

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011 6:44 PM
  • Hi,

    The sub sites in the site collection will not be affected by the action ‘Reset to site Definition ’you take at the top level site .As you can see in the ‘Reset to site definition’ page ,there are two choices you can choose from .

    1. One is ‘Reset specific page to site definition version’ .Here if you type in a subsite URL ,it will alert that the file at the specific URL doesn’t exist in this site .

    2. The second choice ‘Reset all pages ’will reset all the pages that exist in this site to site definition version ,such as the default.aspx ,All Item.aspx etc..

    For more information about ‘reset to site definition’, please refer to this site:

    Reset a customized page to the site definition:http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-designer-help/reset-a-customized-page-to-the-site-definition-HA010174145.aspx


    Entan Ming
    Monday, August 8, 2011 3:33 AM