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  • I am having this problem too. After a fresh install or in place upgrade I would encounter about 46 failures out of the initial 55 or so updates when directly upgrading through WU. I figured out how to get most of them successful after another in place upgrade. I would just refresh WU and let the background downloader download the updates and I would use the "Shut down and Install Updates" option I get most of them installed that way except for a few, and one update that keeps background downloading while the SP1 becomes available in WU. I dont have the K number on me since I am at work reading this but when I get home I can supply you with it. I have tried to get it installed every which way possible but it wont. I believe these updates failing have something to do with my SP1 failure, could be wrong though. My last system never had a problem. It was an AMD 939 system, asus mobo and Vista installs on there no problem.

    Friday, June 13, 2008 3:27 PM



    Ok, I finally got everything installed with no failed updates and SP1. I had to borrow a stick of my brothers OCZ Reaper. When I loaded the install and added the raid drivers the install would BSOD with BUGCODE_USB_ERROR so I rebuilt the raid and deleated the MBR and installed Vista64 with no drivers. Install went fine and the initial 55 windows updates installed with no errors but after a reboot I was no longer able to load Vista. The progresss bar would pop and then quickly restart. I tried to run a repair from the Vista DVD and the boot repairs did not help. I tried again this time trying to add the RAID drivers through the Vista repair and it failed to take the drivers. It did however take the chipset drivers but still would not boot. I went ahead and regbuilt the RAID again and did an install with no drivers, after install I updated the chipset and raid with EVGA recommended drivers and the NVIDA graphics drivers just to be safe and rebooted. I then was able to install the initial 55 updates followed by 2 more individuals all of which succeeded then finally installed SP1 with no problems. (Mind you I only had 1 2 gig stick of ram and 1 graphics card with auto settings in the BIOS). This was by far the pickiest install ever. I only was able to get it done through constant trial and error in the course of a week. I backed up a restore image so I never have to go through this again. I hope my experience helps someone!
    Saturday, June 14, 2008 5:46 PM