SCOM get no data from Table Azure storage table "WADPerformanceCountersTable" RRS feed

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  • Hi, guys.

         I use SCOM to monitor my Service which hosts on windows azure. I make rules to collect performance data. From last weekend, there was no data shown. It seems like scom get no data from WADPerformanceCountersTable. It recoverd after nearly 48 hours. But from 5 hours ago, there is no data again. I am sure of that there is no changes on my service or scom. And my service works well. I restart Data Access Service , Managerment, Managerment Configuration and APM. But it doesn't work. I've no idea what I can do next.

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  • If there is a module failure which is handled, it should write in the Operations Manager event log.

    If it gets terminated because it runs past the timeout period, in which case there will also be info in the logs.

    Unless it crashes horribly (always possible in software, but not very likely in this case as errors would be re-thrown and handled at the monitoringhost process level - which would also log!) and really doesn't log to event log - potentially TRACING logs would have some info about that. For enabling tracing, read the KB article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942864

    If nothing even there, I would be even wondering IF the workflows are even running AT ALL.

    Is your management server healthy? Can it be an issue with the Management Server being too busy and unloading workflows / being unhealthy (critical or GREY) ? Are the workflows running too often (you said you created those yourself?) ?

    I don't quite have enough information to draw a conclusion here, you provide too little info to understand what is going on. Maybe it is worth opening a support incident and have some deeper investigation on your system take place...

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