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  • Hi support,

    I have an important issue with Power Query that prevent me from connecting to a Jotform excel query URL:


    (url was modified to protect data)

    Here are 3 differents computer scenario along with the results:

    • Computer A has Office 2013 along with Power Query Plugin v2.43.4647.201 32 bits runnning under Windows 7.
    • Computer B uses Office 2016 and PQ v2.43.4647.201 32 bits runnning under Windows 10.
    • Computer C uses Office 2016 64 bits, along with PQ v2.38.4491.181 64 bits running under Windows 10.

    On computer A and C, I am able to pull data out of the excel URL, but on computer B I get the following error message:[DataSource.Error] The request was abandonned. Can't create securised SSL/TSL channel.

    I was able to pull out the error logs from power query, but I can't get any relevant information out of it.

    Can Anyone help me?


    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 12:40 AM


  • This is an error coming back from the network stack. it says that it tried to create a secure (HTTPS) connection to the server but failed for some reason. I imagine that there are many possible reasons for such a failure; the ones I'm familiar with are basically ruled out by your matrix of other environments that work. The one other configuration-related thing worth comparing between these machines is the HTTP proxy configuration. In Windows 10, you can get that by going to Edge and picking Settings | Advanced Settings | Proxy Settings from the menu.

    It's possible that installing Fiddler and configuring it for HTTPS decryption (and then retrying the connection) might give you more information about the cause for the failure.

    Monday, May 22, 2017 2:05 PM