Sharepoint Designer - Email inserting spurious html characters, and blanks RRS feed

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  • We have recently migrated to office365 sharepoints, from an internally hosted/dedicated site. After moving to the new sharepoint, we are noticing that previously functioning, email generated workflows are having issues.

    We are using Sharepoint Designer to create a workflow that creates an email, and sends it to a requesting user, that includes a URL link to an item they wish to see.  In the emails that are generated JUST SINCE MOVING TO OFFICE365 (worked fine in dedicated SP), we are seeing spurious html tags being inserted randomly at almost any point in the text of the emails we are generating. But from what I can see, this "generally" seems to occur when we shift fonts in the message layout, font sizes, etc, when we construct the email in SP Designer.

    We also are seeing unexpected spaces being inserted in fields (type: string) that we insert into the email, that contain a URL we are inserting into the email. These string are constructed within the workflow, and when you log the field/variable, it looks perfect, but in the email, spaces can pop up almost anywhere (generally more toward the end of the string, but not predictable/consistent).  These space the, of course break the constructed url. The spaces pop up 100% of the time in the url strings, but at different, unpredictable locations within the URL. 

    The spurious HTML tags (not 100% occurring) totally messes up the appearance of the email.  The spaces in the URL strings (and they are not type URL) breaks the links we are attempting to provide our users.  This is causing terrible problems for hundreds of my users.



    Sunday, August 30, 2015 5:02 PM