HL7 accelerator error: Schema not found (after upgrade to BizTalk 2013)


  • On a dev machine, we upgraded a BizTalk 2010 server to BizTalk 2013.  We are sending HL72 messaves from another machine to this one and getting a schema not found error:

    Alternate Error Number: 301
    Alternate Error Description: Schema not found
    Alternate Encoding System: HL7-BTA

    The message specifies "LAB" as the sending application, and we have a party called "LAB" which specifies "http://mycompany/myapplication/HL7/2X/2.3/ORU/v1" as the schema namespace, so we can't figure out why it's looking for the ORU R01 2.3 schema in the default microsoft namespace.

    Our message looks as follows:

    PID|1|A00003766|XX00014202|9191610101|Ihhendrickson^Plis||19691202|M|||8423 Panko Pvt^^Here^BC^XXX XXX||111-1111|||||xx0055355x3|9x9x6x0x0x|



    OBR|1|PT0711:T00001R100.0010|PT0711:T00001R|100.0010^Group \T\ Screen^00050252^34532-2^Blood Type \T\ Indirect Antibody Screen^pCLOCD|R|201311071004|201311071004|||G|||PLIS Testing|201311071004|T|93190^Plisihd^xxx^^^Dr^^Pxxxxx||00050252|||xxx|201311071004||BBK|F|||93190^xxx^Aaron^^^Dr^^xxxx|

    NTE|1||Date required: 20131107|

    NTE|2||Any previous transfusions? Unknown|

    NTE|3||Specify any underlying blood disorders: U|

    NTE|4||Has consent for blood products been obtained? Yes|

    OBX|1|ST|150.0100^Patient Blood Group^00050252^882-1^Blood Type \T\ Indirect Antibody Screen^pCLOCD||OPOS^O Rh Pos|||||A~S|F|||201311071137|xx^xx^L|IH001^^Blood Group^Patient Blood Group^150.0100|

    OBX|2|ST|200.0100^Ab Screen Gel^00050252^XBC1931-6^Blood Type \T\ Indirect Antibody Screen^pCLOCD||NEGATIVE^NEGATIVE|||||A~S|F|||201311071138|xx^xx^L|IH001^^Ab Scr Gel^Antibody Screen Gel^200.0100|


    Anyone have ideas we should try?

    Friday, November 08, 2013 10:47 PM


  • Hi JIHA

    For this issue, when you attempt to build a project, you get one of the following errors:

    • "Error: Cannot locate document specification as multiple schemas match the message type """

    • "Schema not found"

    Possible Cause

    The MSH and ACK schemas (MSH_25_GLO_DEF.xsd and ACK_24_GLO_DEF.xsd) have been deployed in multiple projects.


    Ensure that MSH_25_GLO_DEF.xsd and ACK_24_GLO_DEF.xsd have been added to only one project. MSH and ACK schemas must be added to only one project.


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    Monday, November 11, 2013 3:08 AM