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  • Hi, I have two Hub Transport server in my org and three Storage Groups created. Transport dumpster size is set to 100 MB per SG. 

    Its Exchange 2007 environment.

    I have a doubt . I have three SGs and Dumpster size is set to 100 MB. Does it mean that I have  total 300 MB space allocated per HT for Dumpster?

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013 1:00 PM


  • The maximum size of the queue, with three CCR SGs and two HUBs, should be six times the value of MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup.

    "The I/O overhead of the transport dumpster is similar to growing a queue. There are two parameters you can use to control how long a message stays in the transport dumpster: MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup and MaxDumpsterTime. The default value for MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup is 18 MB. To size the transport dumpster properly for your environment, take your largest acceptable message size and increase that size by 50 percent. For example, if the message quota is 10 MB, you would want to set the MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup to 15 MB. If there is more than one Hub Transport server in the same Active Directory directory service site as the clustered mailbox server in the CCR environment, or an LCR environment running Exchange 2007 SP1, the aggregate storage for the storage groups on that clustered mailbox server is spread across all Hub Transport servers. For example, if you have four Hub Transport servers with a 15-MB transport dumpster, there would be a 60-MB transport dumpster for that storage group"

    Tuesday, June 11, 2013 1:23 PM