AD IRM - send email to non-federated domain?


  • Hi

    We looking into installing AD IRM in our environment, but we are wondering about how the following scenario may be solved:

    However, we have been told by other forum users, "Exchange 2013 doesn't include a solution for sending IRM-protected messages to external recipients in a non-federated organization."

    In the following example:

    We have AD IRM internally in our organization, and we want to hire a person and want to send an offer by email.
    Since this person is not a part of our organization yet, we have no trust to his mail-/ADdomain.

    If she/he is working in another company, we would ofcourse not ask the admin on her/his current domain that we would like to create a trust, so that we could send this person an email.
    The person have most likeley an private email also, like google or hotmail, we could send to, but we would not ofcourse set up a trust to all possible email domains

    How would we then be able to send this email and how would the person be able to read it?

    Thanks, Peter

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  • anyone?
    Friday, December 15, 2017 12:54 PM
  • Hi Peter, the documentation said that google and yahoo are federated with Office365. Reality is that doesn't work like it should be.

    A working option is adding the user as a guest in Azure

    Thursday, May 10, 2018 7:28 AM