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  • So,  I have a fun Procdump question.   Procdump must have some sort of miraculous qualities about it when it watches process's that crash.  Why do i say this???  

    We have an issue in our environment where windows security patches are failing to apply (shocking i know).   We deploy our monthly security patches via dism quietly in the background each month like good little IT people do, but not of course before testing them out.   Well about 2 months ago we began to observe our rollups failing whilst they tried to apply  (Windows 10 1803) at about 20% completion (oh no!).   As we looked closer, we could see that our Tiworker.exe process was crapping out right around that point with faulting module being kernalbase.dll.  No matter what tricks we tried to correct our poor little images, no amount of SFC or DISM restore commands could get our security rollups to complete.   But then came along Procdump....

    Whilst troubleshooting with microsoft on our issue, we were instructed to have Procdump monitor our sad and misguided Tiworker process while it failed at doing its job.   (procdump -e -ma tiworker.exe c:\processdump was the command)  Much to our surprise while procdump was monitoring Tiworker.exe, the security patch rollup completed (it never stopped at 20%).   We noticed some Exceptions listed in the Procdump window:

    Exception: E06D7363.?AVException@cdp@@

    Exception 80000003.BREAKPOINT

    Exception 80000003.BREAKPOINT

    Exception 80000003.BREAKPOINT

    Exception 80000003.BREAKPOINT

    So Procdump must have some amazing stuff built into it.  So far M$ has not been able to fix our update rollups, or expalin why they work when Procdump is watching our poor tiworker.exe process, but there you have it, its a miracle.    So where is the quesiton in this you ask???

    We are still under the gun to get our rollups out, and it would be handy to know what procdump does to process's that could prevent them from failing.   Maybe then we could deploy our security rollups despite the inadequacy of windows patching. 

    Thanks in advance.

    Thursday, April 18, 2019 7:37 PM