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  • Hi,


    I can't get my mailbox plocies to work in exchange 2007.

    I have created

     1. "managed content settings" on deleted items >All Mailbox Content > retention 3 days > Delete and Allow

    2. Managed Folder Mailbox Policies >folder = Deleted items

    3. set schedule for mangmend folder assistant

    4. set "managed folder mailbox policy" on my mailbox

    5. ran Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -mailbox hp


    the log just says


    011-10-14T09:01:05.558Z,,,,,,,,,,,Starting to process mailbox: hp :48bd9d33-45a6-4b58-84a0-3531093e6af2:/o=RedGate Ltd/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=hp

    [PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ManagedFolderMailboxPolicy test

    Name                      ManagedFolderLinks                                            MailboxPolicyFlags
    ----                      ------------------                                            ------------------
    Test                      {Deleted Items}                                               0




    Friday, October 14, 2011 10:19 AM