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  • Hello all.

    What used to take maybe 20 minutes to drop an image on a machine a week ago is suddenly taking 3 to 4.5 hrs (in spite of the 9:34:34 hours remaining it says right now.The 1% Applying step can take upwards of 20 minutes by itself.) merely due to my updates? To Office, CCleaner, M$ patches, and VOIP?

    This week I captured a new "golden image" for my MDT server to deploy. The "only" changes I made were the update of a few apps I mentioned above, all rather minor stuff really.... overall it shrunk a few gig. Only now that I've successfully recaptured the image, and created the new image etc, it deploys terribly!

    All the basics have been covered too, so if I missed anything, say so.  WINSRV 2012 R2 MDT rebooted, compacted share, regenerated step. (versions below)

    Not sure what info will be required so I'll just list a few things that may or may not help  :)

    Current image is virtual, on its own server. (VMWARE 6.0.0.- build 3016447)

    MDT 6.2.5019.0, and MGMT Console 3.0 (Ver 6.3 build 9600)

    The image is still good ole Win 7 Pro 64bit (yeh sorry, we have a few stragglers out there still)

    Sorry so much info..... or not enough

    Thursday, February 2, 2017 3:41 PM

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