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    though I did an extensive search I cannot really figure out whether with Standard Journaling enabled a message just relayed by an Exchange server, but not sent by or addressed to a mailbox on that server, will be copied to a journal mailbox.

    From what I read on TechNet the difference between Standard and Premium Journaling is that the former is a one-for-all setup, i. e. it is activated for all users of an MDB or for none, while Premium gives us more granular control via rules.

    If I do not need granularity, just need the relayed messages journaled, what is the correct choice? Given that Premium Journaling needs an Enterprise CAL and I wouldn't even have a predictable number of senders and recipients on a relay, Premium seems not to be the way to go.

    Alas, I have no machine at hand to test. Did anybody of you test this?

    I found this link:

    Here somebody asks how to turn the functionality I need off, so I have hopes it usually is on, and still with Exchange 2016?



    Friday, January 6, 2017 2:26 PM

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  • You will need Premium CALS to do transport journaling rules.

    Standard only allows for database level journaling, which only captures items c

    Good related thread on this here:


    • Standard journaling   Standard journaling is configured on a mailbox database. It enables the Journaling agent to journal all messages sent to and from mailboxes located on a specific mailbox database. To journal all messages to and from all recipients and senders, you must configure journaling on all mailbox databases on all Mailbox servers in the organization.

    • Premium journaling   Premium journaling enables the Journaling agent to perform more granular journaling by using journal rules. Instead of journaling all mailboxes residing on a mailbox database, you can configure journal rules to match your organization's needs by journaling individual recipients or members of distribution groups. You must have an Exchange Enterprise client access license (CAL) to use premium journaling.

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