SQL Server 2012 BI Features (Standart Edition)


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    I've a question about licensing in SharePoint and SQL Server. Firstly, we are using SharePoint 2013 Enterprise edition and SQL Server 2012 Standart edition. Which of  tools below are  possible use integrated with SharePoint 2013 with our current SQL Server Edition? 




    Also, is it possible to Analysis services intensively with our SQL server Standtart edition? For instance, creating cubes,data mining, forecasting, etc.. ?

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    Saturday, January 25, 2014 8:18 PM


  • Hi Omnipotent06,

    Reporting Services in SharePoint mode is a collection of server components that provide report generation and delivery, based on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SharePoint products. But different features are supported by the different editions of SQL Server 2012. If we are using SQL Server 2012 Standard edition, there are many limitations. For example, Power View and PowerPivot are not supported in SQL Server 2012 Standard edition.

    It supports most features of Reporting Services, except Data driven report subscription, Scale out deployment(Web farms) and Alerting. As to Analysis Services, it supports Backup/Restore, Attach/Detach databases, High Availability and Programmability (AMO, ADOMD.Net, OLEDB, XML/A, ASSL) features. For more details, please see the following document:

    The following excellent article is for your reference:
    Installing Reporting Services SharePoint Mode Report Server for Power View and Data Alerting

    Hope this helps.

    Katherine Xiong

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    Katherine Xiong
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    Sunday, January 26, 2014 3:20 PM