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  • I am running into some trouble in the TS when I attempt to join a domain and the computer account doesn;t exist. I would like the TS to pause and allow the user to manually join the domain. I though the the Recover from Domain set to manual did that, but it just whisks by it and then I get the "failed to join the domain" yellow screen.

    What's the trick?

    Tuesday, October 29, 2013 4:56 PM

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  • You need to suspend the task sequence before this step. Add in a "Run Command Line" (before Recover from Domain) and type in the following command:

    "cscript.exe %SCRIPTROOT%\LTISuspend.wsf" this will postpone the task sequence installation for you to make manual configuration changes. When ready, click on the icon on the desktop "Resume Task Sequence". Then the task sequence will continue with the next step.

    Next disable the "Recover From Domain" Step.

    This will allow you to manually join the domain.

    Although I think you should take a look into resolving the issue of machines not joining the domain, instead of working around this issue. But at least you can continue the process.

    Good luck!

    For more info about LTISuspend, please check the following link: MDT 2010 New Feature #3: Suspend and resume a Lite Touch task sequence

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  • Actually, that doesn't accomplish my goal. The issue is, when a tech fat-fingers the computer name, or the account doesn't exist, I want the process to pause. Recover from domain - manual will DO that, but it's a full stop, even if the account is correct.

    What I'm looking to do is attempt to join the domain and continue if it is successful, but pause, like in the Recover from domain - manual step, when it fails. A friend of mine has done this successfully, but his instructions were rather complicated, modifying the canned scipts and such - I'd rather the TS just pause if it failed, and continue if it were successful. I don;t want it to go all the way to the end only to get a yellow screen saying it couldn't coin the domain.

    and FWIW - shouldn't that be a RED screen? i mean, it's a pretty significant event... maybe even have it stop if it fails rather than go all the way to the end?

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  • What I would do then, is right after the domain join has happened, perform a WMI query to ping or query the FQDN of your domain, or check if the machine is domain joined. If that's not the case, then execute the LTISuspend and manually join the machine to the domain

    Just a simple example, query the DomainRole of a machine, since there are different roles available:

    Standalone Workstation

    Member Workstation

    So if you could query this via a condition or script, you know that, if the machine is "Member Workstation", the domain join executed succesfully, if the machine is still a "Standalone Workstation", then execute the LTISuspend.

    I think it is impossible to let the Recover From Domain - Manual step ONLY work, when the information that is provided is incorrect.

    See these blogs for additional information:

    Determining If a Machine is a Domain Controller

    GetDomainRole - Retrieving the domain role

    Good luck!

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    Wednesday, October 30, 2013 1:08 PM